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  1. Just like everybody else I am looking forward to this summers beach fishing. I am thinking about trying to meet the fish as they come throught the straits around Port Angeles. Since I have not beach fished PA waters can anybody suggest some areas were the fish can be found nearshore. Any information would be helpful.
    Many Thanks,
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  2. Did you see any state parks in the area? without turning anyones favorite beach into a keyword for a google search, I would say that any place you see that is listed as a park on google earth would be the best places to start. the more of a point it is, the better.Try to focus and look for places that provide a straight line path for the current, instead of "confused" water with lots of eddies. good luck exploring the area.
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  4. Thank You Pat and Tim
    Your suggestions got me pointed in the right direction. Now I (and everybody else) will just have to wait for the fish.
    Many Thanks and Tightlines

  5. If you are shorebound, without a boat, your opportunities will be somewhat limited, but not impossible. One great area is Freshwater Bay, just west of Port Angeles off of hwy 112 near Joyce, WA. There is a state boat ramp and some access there. A small boat, canoe or a kayak, depending upon local conditions, would be the minimal approach. Lost of structure and fishing near shore. Another good spot is the Salt Creek estuary, which is just west of Freshwater Bay, also just off of hwy 112. Signs clearly mark the way. I believe that the state Discover Pass is required, or a day use fee to be paid. Similar qualities but with more protected water so a small craft would be fine.

    There is also some access west of the mouth of the Elwah River, with a forest road leading out to the point there. It is undeveloped but accessible by foot. A rocky exposed shoreline with limited access, but some pretty good fishing sometimes, on an incoming tide. Logging activities may intervene as far as access sometimes. Don't overlook the Dungeness Bay area, and inside of Dungeness Spit. Always check the rules and dates carefully for each area and species etc. http://olympicpeninsulaflyfishing.blogspot.com
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  6. Thank you Bob for the additional information. I will be watching the reports in the hope that I can hook up with them as they come through the straits.
    I very much appreciate you taking the time to give me a better understanding of the area.
    Many Thanks,
  7. without a boat or kayak the area around port angeles is really tough to intercept salmon. freshwater bay and dungeness bay are closed all summer and the simple truth is that the silvers and pinks primarily migrate through the strait offshore. there are times they can be in closer, but that is along the kelp beds which still require a boat of some kind.

    even the close in spots that sometimes hold coho and pinks are very hit or miss and typically happen later in the summer. the beaches that are accessible and open could provide some cutthroat though.

    freshwater bay is closed, dungeness bay is closed, and salt creek does not require a parking pass (county park) but crescent beach west of salt creek is private property.

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