Portable battery for Minn Kota 30 trolling motor?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by bonginator, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Currently, I have been powering my hummingbird fish finder and minn Kota trolling motor with a marine 12 volt deep charging battery but would like a lighter option.

    Do any of you have suggestions for a more portable battery I could use to power the trolling motor and possibly fish finder too?
  2. ATV and Lawn mower batteries have proven quite capable of powering my trolling motor (for as long as 4 hours of constant run time) and fish finder. Waaaay lighter than a full sized marine battery. How much time per outing do you actually run your trolling motor?
  3. Bong, the battery you need is a Tempest AGM model TD-35 Deep Cell gel battery. It weighs 25.35#, is 7.7" long, 5.16" wide and 6.69" high including terminals. It will take over 250 recharges before it begins to lose any of it's power and even after 600 cycles it still produces more than 50%. That is a lot of performance for a small battery.

    You can find it listed under an outfit by the name of Batteryspec.com and they provide complete performance specifications on the output and life of the unit. Their price is $79 plus shipping. I have used one for several years on both my pontoon boat and prams and it has just been superb. Since it is gel you can mount it in any position that is convenient. Two things I should mention if you are going to buy one of these gel batterys: Use a good battery charger that is suitable for deep cell batterys and the second is to recharge the battery immediately upon returning home, don't let the battery sit overnight in a discharged condition.

  4. Thank guys - this is great information. I usually only am in the water using the motor periodically during the day so 4 hours should be plenty of charge for me. Guess I better sell that deep cycle marine battery after I get a lighter one. Man - was that thing a load to carry and put on the pontoon....
  5. Ive, don't you have to have a special charger for AGM batteries?

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