Post your Woolly Buggers

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  1. Post your Woolly buggers.
    Many ways to tie this fly, so lets see what you got or what you can do.

    Size 10 I tied today.

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  2. [​IMG]


  3. I've always had trouble with Woolly Buggers. What is the best hackle? I tie leeches good though... image.jpg
  4. SwapDec2013_snip.JPG

    My contribution to the Winter Lake 3 swap.
  5. If you want a good tutorial for a wooly bugger this is a great one. He has a few little tricks included which make for a nice looking fly. I tie them like this but I also like them to be more "messy" and I tie them with hen hackles.
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  6. white bead bugger.JPG
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  7. That orange one is sweet!
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  8. that is Fish Hunter's Steelhead Orange
  9. I dont think the fish here in NJ could resist that one!
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  10. Beachmen, what are the beads and "internal" flash on your buggers.
  11. Those are just white beads. Like you would use for crons. And the flash is actually the body material. I use Ice Dub instead of chenille. And I brush it out.
  12. This one always produces something. Not to fancy but it works.
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  13. I've had great luck with this one over the last couple years (not a true bugger but a nice change sometimes):

    Body: Red and Black Arizona Simiseal dubbing teased out with velcro
    Tail: Black Marabou
    Hackle: UV Red Guinea from Spirit River
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  14. Thanks for sharing that nice youtube vid on the bugger!

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