Posting location specific reports on the interwebs: A collective discussion

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Burck, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. honestly, the cat's out of the bag. internet reports, usgs realtime streamflow, online mapping software, etc. make it more difficult to find uncrowded water, although honestly it's really not that hard if you're not competitive and are willing to hike or fish less popular rivers.

    i think the effect of posts on this forum are overblown. on all the rivers people bitch about crowding the most, the guides are some of the worst offenders. over-hyped fishing reports on websites and blogs has just as much of an effect as a post on wff.

    me, i like reports as a way to tell a story about the day... and i try my hardest to avoid giving even hints of where i fish. of course, if i felt like saying where it'd be my choice and i do... but even then i'll omit details i feel would jeopardize either the exact place or a place i learned from someone else.
  2. I really like people who post awesome location based reports of places I've never heard about. I really hate people who post awesome location based reports of places I've heard about and want to keep for myself.

    Does anyone know a secluded steelhead river, a small one, with a nice hiking trails on the side that I can use to get away from all the crowds? ;)

    Honestly, I believe that talking about specific locations is best left for groups of close friends that I trust. Call me old school, but I like having friends in real life. I don't know who reads these boards. Chances are I would get along with most of you, but I know there's at least a couple who I couldn't stand hanging out with. Like Mumbles for instance ;) Why toss them a bone? Also, most of the water that I really love to fish involves backcountry hiking off trails so I can get into areas of absolute solitude. Obviously, I'm not going to post those locations on the internet, because I'm scared to death that I'll have to go "all Misery" on some computer geek that would listen to what I say and actually show up there.

    Then again, I think there's plenty of people on this board that don't have friends in real life, like Kerry and OMJ. Posting locations on the internet is their 1st amendment right. Maybe it'll get a couple buddies in the process. Hah.
  3. There was a time not too long ago that people would post reports on this site often. We would all get to oogle over thier pictures and dream of the time we too would have such success. In recent times people have gotten thier panties all in a bunch over names like Sauk, Skagit, Stilliguamish, Cowlitz (for Christ's sake), Hoh, Sol Duc, Snake, Rhonde, Clearwater, Deschutes, Wenatchee, Yakima, and the list keeps going on.

    It is my opinion that if the spot is so special and secret, then the person posting it would probably not post names. I have yet to read a report on a small "secret" stream. This is a fly fishing website. Many of us are here to read good reports, chat with fellow anglers about techniques, and learn. If you think that the info running around inside your head is too important to share with others the please leave it in your head and don't bother asking others like me for info. If you want to know where I fish just ask.

    I used to post reports about trips but got tired of the net nannies telling me that the Cowlitz, and other "Secret" rivers should not be pimped on the web. News flash, there are no secret spots.
  4. It is no secret that posting a specific location on here will result in an unusually large number of anglers showing up the following few days. The majority of them will be lurkers. I don't post pics or specific reports on here for that reason. I usually don't pay much attention to those that do either. There is also a subculture of misinformation regarding fishing reports on this site and others on the web. I can count a few occasions where members of this forum have stated that they had an awesome day at a particuar spot an I knew with 100% certainty that no fish were caught in said area. I will share reports, but they will be communicated by soundwaves leaving my vocal chords and entering someones ear canal with zero man made devices transporting the soundwaves.
  5. Played well, a few creative locations could be fun to post. Take for instance the turd herder (waste water treatment plant) in Arlington by the Stilly. You guys just haven't hit on the real purpose for pin pointing a location that's "hot".
  6. Let me put this to you differently. It is no secret where I fish or what I fish for. If I were to post up a report that I caught a 20 plus pound steelhead and not mention the river I caught it in do you think anyone would guess what river I was fishing? Since the season is rather short and I made my report on Monday most would likely figure I caught my 20 pounder on either Saturday or Sunday. Now, where oh where on the Skagit did I catch this marvelous fish. If you know me you might be able to determine this by what part of the season I made my post. If it were early in the season you might guess low in the river. Later in the season up higher. Also, you know I use a sled so now you have to figure that I may be fishing a section of the river that is only accessible via boat. This is starting to get tougher isn't it? I bet I could tell you almost exactly where I caught this fish and most could not or would not go there.

    Let me tell you a story. There was a bar on the Skagit that was producing some very good numbers of steelhead. Matter of fact most could not believe how many fish were being caught at this bar. In the morning there could be as many as 20 guys lined up to fish this place before dawn. I drove down in there one morning and seen exactly that, about 20 rigs parked in there. I left and went up river to fish. That afternoon on my way back home I decided to stop by this bar and see if anyone was still fishing it. To my surprise there was no one there. I decided to fish it. I started at the top and was working my way down thinking that the run had probably been fished to death and likely I was wasting my time. First fish caught was a small hatchery hen which I bonked to give to the plunkers up in the shack above. Within 5 or s casts of the first fish I hook into a nice wild hen at about 10 pounds. Landed and released uharmed. After another 5 casts fish number three was hooked. This time it took about a half hour to land the largest steelhead I ever caught. A monster 43 inch buck. Now this run was fished by at least 20 guys that day and more than likely most of them went thru it twice if not more. I had one of my best days steelheading on the Skagit and caught my largest steelhead ever on a run that was beaten to death.

    You can do with this as you will.
  7. Well, you all know that I have to say something on this matter. I have fished all over the Greater Everett area in my 45 years of fishing there. I have beat the "S" rivers to death and a few smaller ones.

    I have given out many areas to fish. But these armchair people don't want to beat through the bushes to fish. They want it all in the open. When I was younger I used to fish Day creek and to get to the better areas you had to climb down into a canyon. I have never seen anybody else down in there or saw any other foot prints..

    That was the way it was for a lot of my fishing. I could fish from the easy spots but that wasn't me.
  8. Yes, I do.
  9. I'm not 100% but I'm pretty sure that's closed water now too Jim. Sadly, the ability to fish a lot of that type of water is looong gone. All the skinny water is turning into rearing water so the tribes have something to net once the hatchery closures start. The rec fishers are getting cramed into the wide open spots. I've probably said it 1000 times already but pretty soon the only opportunities we're going to have are going to be Wenatchee esque fluster cluck fests since it's been so "successfull". I damn sure miss sight fishing for cutts on some of those squiggley little blue lines and picking thorns out of my waders at the end of the day.
  10. I just think that there are many fisheries that are as good as they are because they have yet to be fully exposed to the masses. Many of these fisheries happen on some of the most well known rivers even. But through some strange course of events, these well known locations have kept some pretty awesome secrets because the few in the know have kept it to themselves. The what/when/how questions are unknown, only the "where" is the well known part. If someone just happens to discover this particular (relative) secret about this river, telling it to tens of thousands of people in a single internet post could be the beginning of the end of something that could potentially be on its way out with the new found attention.

    And yes, believe it or not, there are still some secret locations that only a few people know about. And in the last year, I've seen one of them get exposed (though not yet on this site), and receive pressure that it just couldn't handle (this was a trout stream, not a steelhead stream).
  11. Yeah and it's only going to get worse. I keep going to the WDFW site and I get mad at all that is being closed and what doesn't have to closed.. There are a few stream that have impassable barriers on them and they are closed also. What's up with that.Some of these have waterfalls on them that are 90 feet high. What in the hell is going to get up over that.

    Since I have moved to Montana I don't get out as much as I would like to. But here to catch fish I don't have to look for an out of the way place. Hell, I fish from a boat launch and catch big Brown's.
  12. Actually, I have no idea where you fish, and most others wouldn't either. No offense, but you might be assuming that people are tracking your fishing habits far more than they actually are. In fact, probably no one except your personal friends pay any attention to your choice of fishing location. But if you post specific locations and success stories on this website, hundreds of us would suddenly become aware of where you fish. That's the difference between sharing 1:1 among trusted zipper-lipped friends and sharing 1:1000 on the Internet shotgun style.

    As far as your crowded gravel bar story...yeah, that happens sometimes.
  13. fixed
  14. Thanks Evan, that's probably closer to reality.
  15. I can't help it if you are dumber than a box or rocks.
  16. My 2 cents worth.

    Like Evan and countless others here, in state out of state, whatever we have all or most have put in the time, miles and lord knows $$$$$$ into the fun and frustrating sport of f/fishing. We all have our spots we like to hit as often as we can and the reason we call them our spots is that it is not fished that much. The last thing I wish to do is to go out with hundreds of others and have fly wars on the river. We pretty much fish central and east side of Washington North and South and even out of state. There have been a couple guys here that have shared some spots with us that we have greatly appreciated and we too have shared some of our locations. We may or may not direct someone to the exact spot but our locations follow many miles of fishing water and we have spent years finding our spots and some we have shared. The sharing comes from PM or by phone or live and it is all by personal choice. I do not get upset about someone refusing and there have been a couple times I have asked. The only thing that I would question is when someone may give out an exact location and a meeting place with a time to go fish. You may as well put up sign on your car as to what is in it, the value of the items and that the veh. is unlocked. I'm sure that at one time or another an on line "guest" as paid your location a visit. Sorry about being long winded but it remains that it is all a "personal choice" :beer1:
  17. Kerry- ha!
  18. Seriously? Why the hell would you assume I know where you fish? Because you live in Sedro Woolley? I won't say you're dumb, but possibly deluded about how much people pay attention to you, Kerry.
  19. Pimping fishing holes is about as old as whoring and politics, without the benefits of the former and all the liabilities of the latter. It's been a progressive disease, taking a long time to become an epidemic. First, anglers met and pimped their zipperlips in local pubs among people they assumed were friends. Oh, and after a few pints, everyone present seemed like they must have been a friend. The next time out, the zipperlip was already occupied and being fished. Well, no matter, just walk along a bit and find new water. Over time, with an expanding angler population and no increase in rivers, lakes, or ponds, you can probably see with this goes. Then comes Guttenberg and his damn printing press! Books, then magazines, and eventually weekly newspapers pimping out fishing holes! The best waters were already over-crowded with anglers well before the internet came along. The internet simply made pimping easier, and it works - you read didn't you, that Craig'slist had to remove its prostitution column? Like that's really going to change anything. Pimping and whoring are as human as it gets.

    So does that make the WFF posters that don't pimp out waters inhuman? Naturally that too is open to question, but more importantly, it makes them strategic anglers. And I was recently reading in an article I once wrote that a key to good steelhead fishing is having a sound strategy . . .

  20. I think the difference is the amount of effort needed to see the info, and how many people it gets to in a short amount of time. I can post a positive report about X river, and within an hour, over a thousand people (easily) will have seen it. More than enough time to make plans for the next day to hit it up. All done without anybody getting up or having to leave the house.

    With books, or even word of mouth; there's a certain amount of effort needed to acquire that information beyond hitting the "refresh" button. Even so, the number of people this info reaches, and the amount of time it takes to do so is nothing compared to the convenience of the internet.

    I love computers and the internet. I love this website, and the information and entertainment it provides. I'm a computer programmer for f's sake. I just think the internet is simultaneously one of the best and worst things to happen to us.

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