Posting location specific reports on the interwebs: A collective discussion

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Burck, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Two rather significant observations from reading this thread:
    1. Sean, please remove that comma before your long interweb break commences. It's gonna bug me.
    2. Stewart, I had a t-shirt with that on the back in '78. My teacher made me go home and change.
  2. One of your not dumb ass posts
  3. Kerry you fish the Skagit, which makes your observations on the subject pretty much null--none of us would believe you if you claimed to catch one fish there :)
  4. I knew this thread would ruffle some feathers and stir the pot a bit... But with all the tension on this topic lately, I figured it'd be good for us to get it all out. Poo pooing on someone's report is bad form. I'm guilty of it in the past, but have done my best to bite my tongue lately. It's just not worth it. Either way, I just wanted to explain my thoughts on the topic in detail, and hear what others thought.
  5. I'm a true blue-liner. Since I first got the fly fishing bug 17 years ago my best friend has been a map. Good fishing spots vary year by year, be it floods, crowds, disease, water quality,beaver dams, otters(yes otters. pretty in the ocean or big rivers, but will come through and completely wipe out yearclasses of wild fish in smaller streams). I would never divulge a spot that I had to earn the hard way. But the good spots constantly change. The hot spot last year may be a long shot this year.
    The only pics I post up and report on are from Rufus Woods and Omak Lake. Both can support whatever this website can throw at them[ Colville Indian Reservation; American Angler]. Both have kicked out state records and are my favorite fisheries. Yet I have no fear of divulging that information. American Angler isn't the first mag to reveal this.
  6. Good post Evan! I decided long ago there are a LOT of Blabbermouths on here. (You know who you are.....) They just don't know how to STFU. Once a blabbermouth, always a blabbermouth. :beathead:
  7. I joined this forum for one reason. That was to get some info on beach fishing the San Juans. (10 day trip for wifes bday next fall) Hopefully I got enuf to have some success. That said, If I flog the water for 2hrs every day before everyone gets up and catch nothing, I still will have had a sweet morning on the beach with the hopes of a big tug.
    I don't live in Washinton, so as an outsider, I hoped to get something that might give me a better than even chance of finding fish. A beach or park, incoming or outgoing tide, etc. (Which you guys gave me.) Obviously when we go out to fish, we believe we are going to catch something. It's why we have all the different rods and lines and flies.
    For you guys, these "reports" may be your everyday water. I can see how irritating it can be to find some meats occupying your favorite run. I too have noticed the unequal number of members and so called lurkers. I wonder if a lot of them are people, that just like the read, and would rather not participate. Maybe living in a small Colorado town, where I don't lock my car or my home makes me a little too naive to assess this fairly.
    I know the media can have an effect on the popularity of a place. Example: NW Flyfishing magazine. John Shewey article on the Imnaha River in Oregon. If any of you read it, you can't help, not wanting to be swinging Spawning Purples for eager steelhead in a pristine setting like that. Apparently there was a very large spike in visitors after that article.
    These days we use all the available resources to help us get an edge. I for one like it. We don't always have the money to hire a guide which in most cases would put you notches above the guy walking in blind. These small tidbits of info just might be the difference in fish or no fish. I do believe.. we do this because we love to catch fish on the fly!
    My 2 cents. Time to get dressed and ski powder.
  8. Ya know what pisses me off is when you have someone PM you and ask for info then never comes back with a thank you, kiss my ass or nothing.
    So WTF
    Most people that know where I'm gonna go fish will stay away.
    Somebody let the dog out.
  9. Yep, that beaver has screwed up many a fishing day for me. The damn Beav had me on the roof hanging freaking christmass lights last sunday. :beathead:
  10. iagree
  11. Truth be told, when I used to create weekly "Hiking Reports" packages for the Seattle Times (basically, a listing of 5 'recommended' wilderness hikes for the coming weekend), I would always include trails I had no intention of visiting that summer. I would also make sure the recommendations were well clear of any trails I planned to hike that weekend (as in, at least one if not two basins away at least). This did a remarkable job of helping preserve some solitude for me those few summers I did that.
  12. Posting a super detailed fishing report is the same thing as talking about making love with your wife.

    It ain't right. That won't stop some people from talking and some people from listening. But, it's not my game.
  13. WFF, the Penthouse Forum of fishing sites.....
  14. Damn, people are posting about making love with your wife? :rofl:
  15. I thought he was talking about my wife and then I thought good for her.
  16. Sick ain't it? haha.
  17. Best post in this entire thread
  18. This post just got gross ;)
  19. Come here sweet heart...


    Line? What line?

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