Posting location specific reports on the interwebs: A collective discussion

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Burck, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Definately entertaining for sure. I think we all have our little coded messages we put in our posts that a select few can figure out. It is up to those people to keep a tight lip about a spot. I know that a picture needs to be shot at a downward angle to reveal as little of the surrounding area as possible. I know that naming a river, doesn't mean giving up the spot. I also know that most fly fishers are dilligent people that won't crowd you out of a spot. I have no problem sharing info with every fly fisher I meet, however blasting the internet with gear/bait chunkers lerking in the wings isn't my cup of tea! I work at a well known Fly Shop and have thrown a bone to my dedicated customers time and time again. As far as blogging about how great a spot was..... PM your pals... F$%$ the rest.

    My two cents...
  2. Damn, I just read every post on this subject. Some passion to say the least. Sounds like the best thing would be to form a group and meet once in awhile to talk fishing in person. That way controlling the information will be easy and shared information goes to people you trust. I feel one should "put in work" on a river or lake to figure out the secrets for success. Information on the internet is far game, so be wise at what information is being distributed. Fish long and prosper!
  3. We happen to be doing a meet up on Jan 15th in Olympia. The thread is on here somewheres....
  4. kerry you can't get a sled on that small river!
  5. Evan,
    You said it all. I couldn't agree more......
  6. In my short and limited experience in fly fishing, I have been pleasantly suprised by the kindness and willingness of fellow anglers to share info about where, how deep, what fly etc when talking to them by the lake or stream. Normally the conversion is not even initiated by me! And if so normally just a simple "how's the fishin'" is all thats needed to strike up an interesting converstation, (no prying for 'secret' information required!) Guess these aren't the same people as utilize this forum!
  7. I share info with people all the time. I even share through PMs on here. I have no problem with sharing info with contributing members of this site. It's the 98749837 lurkers and freeloaders looking for an easy report. Posting positive reports online, on some streams more than others, increases traffic to that spot. That's why myself, and others choose not to disclose our locations publicly.
  8. A quick fishing report ;) : I fished the Sky today - that run just up from ben howard. The water was a bit high but with the right amount of mending I was able to swing my skated fly at just the right speed. I seemed to be picking up a lot of debris on the fly. Luckily the sun came out and I got into a couple. They are out there if you know what you're doing. In steelheading 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish. Here's a few pics. If you go out post a report.
  9. I've noticed that it's other members' reactions that does more damage than anything. If someone happens to mention a specific spot, it usually gets overlooked in the flood of other information. It's twenty people jumping his ass about disclosing such a sweet spot that catches everybody's eye. It screams this is a spot worth checking out. Next time you see a spot close to your heart disclosed, ignore it. Or if you must PM the sender to voice complaints. You draw more public attention to the spot by responding.
    And I've also noticed that the internet gods are pretty good about removing names that reveal sensitive watersheds.
  10. If you want to keep something a secret, three people can know about it ,But two of them must be dead!
  11. I've had no less than four friends invite me on a trip, meet me at a very public place, place a hood over my head and not speak a word on the trip to the water. Beautiful places, each of them, but I have no idea where any of them are.
  12. ..."How to Get Sold Into Slavery" by Mumbles :clown:
  13. Mumbles - when they take your hood off, push the big button on the GPS you hid in your pocket.
  14. Dang it Paul, now they know about my GPS unit... It is chocked full of good intel coordinates, and their routes to get there, some strange circular paths, obviously to throw me off the trail.
  15. I've actually thought about the hood thing. It's the kidnapping charge that scares me away. I can't have another of those.
  16. If he volunteers, is it kidnapping or just kinky?

  17. Kerry next time you fly by me in that sled stop and pick me up. I will share my pint of BV for a ride to your secret spot.
  18. I love these free for alls. It just makes me feel good to see people having fun rather than tearing each other apart as I have seen on some forums. Now, about places, "some fishermen lie, or do liars fish????" I don't know if that should be "lye" or "lie"....... By the way I usually have some McNaughtons......

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