Power boats on Pass Lake

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Kevin Harris, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Help me win a bet. I was talking with a friend of mine about Pass lake and I said that you couldn't use a boat with a motor (i.e. you have to get around with oars or flippers if you're in a float tube). He said that you can use an electric motor but not a gasoline powered boat. I bet him a bottle of 16 year old Lagavulin single malt Scotch :beer1: that any form of motorized boat is prohibited on Pass Lake. Who's right?



    P.S. Wish we had a Scotch drinking icon on here.
  2. Drink responsibly. :beer1:
  3. Your friend is not too quick, so make sure he understands that 2 bottles of 8 year old Scotch are not equivalent to one bottle of 16 year.
  4. So what you're implying Alpinetrout is that I'm right and my buddy is wrong! Right???

  5. I think u have scored yourself some alcohol, from the tone of the responses. Enjoy.

  6. somebody mention scotch around here? I wasn't even online and I heard that :thumb:

  7. Drink Up ! Remember to toast to the trout :beer2:
  8. Don't worry PT Scotch is not to be guzzled but slowly savored. :D

  9. Page 63 of the regs. enjoy
  10. estill,

    I told him it was in the regs but he interpreted it to mean gas powered motors. I told him that "motors" means ALL motors. :beathead: This may warrant a call to WDFW. He better not welch on the bet. Thanks for your input! :beer2:

  11. See page 22. Motor is all motors even if not in the water. If internal combustion motors are the only ones excluded the regs say so specifically.

    :thumb: Have a shot for me!
  12. If I have enough scotch me might take the Bayliner out at Pass. Be for good laugh anyway--the expressions as as we back the beast down the ramp,that and, all the cell phones being reached for.

  13. If the bet had been on Cady, your friend would have been the winner.
  14. Thanks Steveb,

    That's the irrefutable proof I've been looking for! To all who have helped with my question if I see you on Pass Lake you are entitled to a wee dram of Lagavulin (21 years old and above I should say). ptyd Or a Guiness if you prefer. :beer2: :beer1:

    Thanks for the help,

  15. I only wish I had made the same wager with the bozo with the jet ski the last time I fished Pass. :mad: Just the same, cheers to Kevin and his wise choice in Scotch. Yowzaa! :beer2: ptyd
  16. Name the date, I'll be there to share a dram.
  17. I'm ordered a Spring Creek Pram but it won't be ready until the end of April! :rofl: :rofl: bawling: So it won't be until then. I'll have to buy another bottle of Lagavulin because something tells me the bottle my friend is going to buy me will be drained by then. By the way he has capitulated defeat and said he'll pay up. :thumb:

    Cheers, :beer1:

  18. Kevin:

    You've got a great taste for Scotch! Lagaluvin, cigar, fly-fishing....

    Did we die and go to heaven?
  19. I'll drink to that! iagree

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