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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Mike (Doc) LaCombe, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. FF, upload it from your PC, not Photobucket or load it into your profile's gallery here then load from there.
  2. Ok I hope it's here now.

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  3. Not my idea of a good design for the fishing I like to do, but I'm sure it works well for the style of fishing for those who advocate it. In a bit of wind or current that thing looks like it would be a chore to navigate. I like to cover a lot of water, so a decent rowing design is my strong preference. A stroke on the oars that moves you 30 feet in a straight line is a pleasure.
  4. Not sure waht you are getting at Tom?
    I am saying I would take the $1300 and buy a Stillwater Classic from Spring Creek.
    I absolutely love mine....65lbs. very stable, and very comfy. Can't see how you could beat that combination of weight, durability, and comfort.
  5. BTW... pram design looks like it would be very practical. How heavy is the boat?
  6. Not sure but I am guessing the weight is around 70lbs. Also I will have less than $400 when I get the hardware on. It will ride either on my little trailer or in the back of my truck. For the lakes I want to use it it will be great.
  7. looks like a similar design to'll never want to fish lakes in a toon again.
  8. Here is my Pram Plans, about $500.


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  9. Nice looking boat for a good price.

    That pretty little thing wearing the life jacket will cost you more than $500 during her lifetime. I have 5 kids, only one girl though. Putting 2 through college right now.

  10. I can only imagine. Took about a couple of weekends to put her together, and a few more for the sanding and painting.

  11. As promised here is the photos of the finished pram. She ready to make her maiden voyage as soon as I recover from my surgery on Wedsnes. bawling:


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  12. Mike, good looking stack of lumber there. Nicely done. Let me know when you are up, we can hit a local lake if your buddies are busy and you don't mind an only retired once young punk bothering you all day. What did you catch him on? What did that one take? How deep are you fishing it? Is that a type 6 or type 3 sink?

    Are you putting a wheel on that bad boy or only using it as places with easy access?
  13. I would love to go fishing with you Ed. As far as the wheel goes I am thinking that over. I found a Kayak dolly on for $55 that I am mulling over. I have some ideas for building a dolly but even homemade it would exceed $50. So you might say I am stuck thinking it over.

  14. Fishfinder, what design did you end up using?
  15. A drift boat builder called me with an offer to buy a completed hull (minus hardware) for a price I couldn't pass up. She is now complete and ready to go.
  16. That's one nice looking pram! I like the idea of being designed as a one man fishing platform. Did the builder design the boat themselves or use a plan of someone's? Did you ever hear back from the Port Ludlow Fly Fishing club about their pram design. I've been curious as to what it looked like (a picture) or a source for a set of plans but so far I have not been successful.
  17. Hi Mike,

    My builder usually builds drift boats but he did design and build several of these pram hulls where most of them went to Eastern Washington. He had built this hull for himself but decided he wasn't going to be a still water fisherman. I guess I just came along at the correct time.

    I have never heard anything from Port Ludlow yet. I did find serveral plans and kits on google. This time of year you have to have a heated shop to build with epoxy and fiberglass.

  18. Bump. Many years ago I looked at the sweetest little fly fishing pram I have ever seen. This was a kit boat at the old Seattle Wooden Boat Store, on Boat St. on Portage Bay. The store closed in 1999, and is now occupied by Recycled Cycles. The pram was an 8ft stitch & glue boat which sort of resembled the Spring Creek prams with higher freeboard. The boat had a unique dual anchor system at both ends, with a rope running through a wooden "channel" on the deck which enabled the rower to manipulate both anchors while seated in the swivel seat. The pram had some other nice touches too, such as built-in rod holders, storage compartments, etc. It was a sweet little boat and I seriously regret not purchasing either the plans or the boat itself. I've been searching the net in an attempt to find these plans but I've had no luck so far. I may contact the Center for Wooden Boats on Lake Union and see if anyone there remembers this boat. I was just wondering if anyone on WFF recalls this craft or may have fished from one.


    edit: I did find a reference to this boat in some past threads on WFF. The original boat was called the Pass Lake Pram.

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