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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Frank R, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I have been looking for pram plans for quite a while. Most have a slight V-bottom for improved sailing. Very few are 10 feet long with a flat bottom.

    I just came across these plans:

    At the bottom of the page is a link to photos of owner-built boats. Quite a few have been used for fishing.

    What do you think? A good design for a fly fishing pram? As good as a Smith Brother's Pram?
  2. Frank,

    I just finished up this pram build. I modified some simple pram plans I had and built the boat stitch and glue. I built it out of sheets of plascore 1/4 inch (sides) and 3/4 inch (bottom and transom) covered with carbon fiber/kevlar. I used mahogany veneer on the inside for the wood look without the maintenance and the weight. It's an 11 ft boat and it came in under 100lbs - I can lift it over my head pretty easily. My goal is to cartop it because I really don't like trailers. We will see how it holds up. I made all of the seats removable and it has options to attach a bow mount electric and/or a small outboard on the back. I plan on using it to float up to class iii rivers and also on lakes. I took most of the rocker out of the plans and went with more of a skiff design. With the light weight it should be pretty easy to maneuver without a lot of rocker and I prefer a flat bottom on lakes. Hopefully I will have a chance to get it wet this weekend. I have a bunch of build pics if you want to see more. Good luck with your build.

  3. Nice looking pram. Is the casting station Glass and ply?
  4. That looks sharp!

    You should post these photos over on the Wooden Boat People forum.

    Have you had a chance to splash it yet? How does she row?
  5. Patrick - I built the casting station out of 3/4" plascore covered in carbon and epoxy.
    Frank - haven't splashed her yet but hopefully soon. I didn't put up pics on wooden boat people forum because that seems to be more of a traditional wood boat site and my boat only has about 5lbs of wood in it. The plans are modified from Dave Z's drifter and he's on that site a fair amount so I might throw up some pics....
  6. I think there is enough wood there to qualify. They don't seem like snobs at all.

    I like Dave Z's drifter. I missed seeing it by one day when he brought it to Michigan to go fishing.
  7. Frank:

    From what I can see in the picture of the scamp, the curve of the bottom is similar to a Smith boat, but hard to tell without more detail. I have 2 8 ft Smith prams. Nice boats and extremely easy to row.

    How do you know about Smith boats in Michigan?

    Dr Bob

  8. I was looking for a stand-up fly fishing boat about three years ago and came across stuff in my searches. I have since bought a NuCanoe Frontier 12 and I love it. A Smith Brother's pram might be nice though.

    Here are some photos of someone who built a Jordan Wood Boats Scamp. Is that anything close to a Smith Brother's?

    jordanboatsscamp1.JPG jordanboatsscamp2.JPG
  9. That's a great looking pram
    Super cherry

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