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    How do I prepare chicken, rabbit, duck(CDC), deer, pheasant tail, ext.?
    I have a friend who hunts a lot. He gave me some feathers. now what should I do?:confused:
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    freeze the feathers, that usually works for me, be sure to keep them in individual bags just in case any bugs survive they dont ruin your entire collection. deer, i usually do a quick rinse in cold water, then give it a quick soak in vinegar or soap, not both, that creates a wax that just ruins the entire process. then i clean that off in more cold water and let that dry off. i like to scrape off all the stuff on the inside of the skin with the edge of a hatchet but any kind of sharp edge will work, just dont cut the skin, this usually requires stretching it, after that i borax the inside part of the skin heavily and let it dry out. if the borax becomes wet enough then i scrape it off and put fresh borax on. deer tails i cut out the bone, then do the vinegar OR soap thing and possibly scrape it (dont need to stretch) and then borax it. for rabbit, if you want to save the mask with fur on i would assume you would use the same proccess for deer, but ive never done it so i dont know. i have no idea how you would make bunny strips, probably need some good tanning chemicals.