presentation mounting of flies

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Randy Diefert, Nov 21, 2004.

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    Randy, I checked with VEE and she doesn't remember where she found those rods. I'm thinking it was a lighting store, but it's been a long time.

  2. Tim Cottage Formerly tbc1415

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    Get it right here
    6ft of 1/6" for $6.25 Thats a lot of fly mounts for a little money.
    They have a store in Seattle and a store in Bellevue. They do retail.
    They will ship via UPS if you don't want to visit the store.

    As Sean pointed out take a look at Michael Radenichs book. You won't find a better tutorial. Don't forget to polish the cut ends.

  3. Randy Diefert aka: Longears

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    excellent, Thanks TC :thumb: