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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by willieboat, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. After looking at the price of fly rods, especially the two handers, I was flipping through the latest LL Bean's catalog when I see that they have three spey rods for $199.00 each. I've never fished any of their rods, but I have fished spey rods from Sage, Loomis, St. Croix, Lamiglas, and Cabelas, and have found that you can wrap spey line around your head with all of them, as well as make tight loops.

    Any experience with LL Bean rods out there??

  2. Not the LL Bean, but I've used the Redington and the Heritage in that price range, and I have to tell you I keep coming back to the Heritage over and over again. I love their rods.
  3. I bought a Redington 8/9 ($250) from Streamside Anglers before they closed up shop. Teamed with a Rio Mid Spey it works quite well. I recently got a TFO 6 wgt, same price, from Red Shed in Idaho. I lined it with an Airflo Delta and I love that rod.

    Last I heard, Mike, at Red Shed had some killer deals on spey rods over the holidays. The sale may still be going on.

    Haven't tried the Bean rods, if you get one let me know how you like it. You can never have too many spey rods.

  4. I am new to the Spey casting game. However ,I have heard a lot of Kudo's about these "Heritage" rods from many speycasters on the river.One I met said his Sage was up in the attic collecting dust since he built his penny,Davy
  5. I like Burkheimers! :cool:
  6. "built his Heritage" I offered them full rod price for just a blank and no how no way would they fork one over, have things changed?
  7. Oh, yeah, my favorite $200 rod too. Those and Meisers.
  8. Save your pennies! Meisers are about $300.00 less.
  9. So I get a Meiser and Bob gives me $100? I love that guy!

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