Private Label Blanks?

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by theworm, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Anyone had any experience with Tiger Eye blanks? I am thinking of building a 6/7. The price certainly seems to be right. Since I am new to rod building, I think it suits my budget and rod building skill level. The rods are listed at mod-fast. Is that a pretty good evaluation? Are the prices cheap because they are cheap?
  2. I don't know that brand at all. however I have had some experience with Forecast/Rainshadow which is made by Batson Enterprises in Sequim. The Forecast line is very inexpensive, and a good deal. I have built a couple of the 5 piece 7'6" 4 wts and really like that blank. I also have the 11 1/2ft. 6/7 spey blank and like that as well. And their customer service is great. And they are a local company.

  3. The tiger eye blanks are pretty good. I'd say they fish better than the forecast. I have built a couple and they are definitely a good looking blank. They are all rated as dual line weights. So if you build a 6/7 it will be a different action with the 6 than the 7. I built on the 5/6 and I would say moderate/fast with a 5 weight line, moderate with a 6. Nice blanks though. I'd say worth more than the price.
  4. Before I got started building on Dan Craft blanks I built a lot of rods on Tiger Eye Blanks, well over 100 in fact. You want some fun, put a 5wt line on the 6/7 you build. It will be a cannon. In any case, use the 6wt line over the 7wt on this blank if you don't want a slower action rod. I have repeatedly built the 7 ft, 4 pc, 3/4 wt rod and had people using a 2 wt line it with great results. Very durable blank. I think you'll be happy with the result.
  5. Thanks for your responses. It was helpful to hear from someone that had a lot of experience with them. I had seen a few pics on another site and the blanks were a sweet brown. I thought they would be great blank for building a rod with a classic look wothout having to breaking the bank. I will definitely try one out on my next build.
  6. I built a 6' 2/3 wt Tiger Eye and it is a kick with the 2wt line on it. They are great looking and one heck of a value in a blank these days. I got to cast a Feathastyx Rods 6' 2/3 wt for the introduction to the tiger eye and I was sold on building one myself. If I wasn't into building bamboo I'd be buying them for sure.

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