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  1. Hey, hey now. Easy with the Bay Area comments... Not all of us came with $$$ from selling a big house, bought a prime piece of land, cut all the trees down and build a foam trim McMansion on it. Only to spend one drizzly year and decide it's just the "summer home". I think these are the worst offenders. But some of us came as renters to be near family, have a trade license and set up a small business in contracting. I've been here seven years and you couldn't drag me from here back to the Bay Area on the worst day in February.

    Love the story though.
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  2. I loved your post right up until the last couple sentences which I'm hoping was a feeble attempt at humor. If not, it's worth a gentle reminder that we're all in this together and that drawing Us vs. Them comparisons isn't helpful. But I'll bet you already knew that!

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  3. I'm mostly with you there, but honestly. Sometimes it's all I can do not to say, "listen, fucker. I know where you live and I like fire." I try to preach a calm approach, but some people are just beyond rationality.

    Passion runs deep with regards to natural resources. It could be argued that it's a physiological instinct; many species, but especially humans, war for eternity over the use of available resources.
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  4. Ya know, that part of my reply was totally kidding around. Ya could have kept it going by pointing the finger at east-coast transplants... ;)
  5. I had an old bitch scream at me one time when I was fishing the S/F of the Stilly. I was up river from the first bridge up from Verlot. She was hollering at me and my buddy to stay off of her property. Hell I was well below the high water mark. I just told her to shut up as we weren't on her property. We left but she kept screaming at us.
  6. I'm astonished that a landowner apparently can get away with brandishing a firearm at a trespasser. Aside from Texas, I don't think trespassing is a capital offense. Really? Do they think they're going to shoot a trespasser? "Yep, Deputy, I shot that there fisherman dead cuz he stepped foot on my property." I'm not looking to get shot, but what sort of dimbulb landowner thinks that's a plausible defense? From what I've been reading, outside of my house, I cannot even brandish a weapon unless a perp is threatening me.
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  7. Lots of weirdos out there.... so the gun comes into play and common sense is gone. Now somebody is dead and somebody else isn't at home enjoying life, they are now dealing with courts, attorneys and money/time going down the drain. The story could go either way..... its sad that we all cant get along during our very short time on planet earth.
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  8. My best suggestion is to do what I have always done. If I am going to a certain river for the first time. Lets say the Yakima for example. I will find out first where I know I can fish. Once I am down there I will do some recon then. That way I get to do some sort of fishing and also recon for other potential spots for next time.
  9. If I ever see someone on my property and I want them gone I will flex my rights to bare arms. Where the wrong lies is when a landowner actually points the firearm at the person. I would like to know if these landowners actually pointed the gun at the person or simply demanded the person to leave with a firearm visibly at there side with the muzzle pointing at the ground or the air. If this is the case then the property owner was within there rights because they were simply carrying openly which is legal in the state of Washington.
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  10. In the scenario I described it was shouldered and pointed from across the river. The idiot crossed the river into woods chasing us as well.
  11. So if an angler is legally open carrying, and legally fishing within the OHWM of a riverbed that is owned by a legally open carrying landowner, and they shoot each other, who is at fault?
  12. The fault lies on human nature, greed and ignorance. Or the parents of these people for raising their kids to end conflicts with violence.:D
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  13. Man that is such bs. It is people like that that give good responsible firearm owners bad names. I am sorry you went through that.

  14. I think that if they are both dead that is for God to decide. I want nothing to do with that.
  15. I'm a full on supporter of unfettered constitutional rights. That idiot did nothing of the kind in my mind. In my opinion crazy f's like him are why there should more good, responsible and reasonable people packing heat, not less.
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  16. Ownership of the river bottom does not change your legal right to use the river below the MHWM. Not in WA or Oregon. And your story cracked me up.

  17. Here's hoping nobody here ever has to find out.

    I'm confident in the law, but I'm not getting shot for my right to fish. It's not fun. If it's not fun, I have other places to fish.

    FYI...back on the original topic...WDFW maintains a series of maps regarding lands they own. The "GoHunt" tool is twitchy, but reveals a lot of access. BLM has maps, National Parks, National forests, City Parks, County Parks, etc. Keep in mind some public owned land does have access restrictions. But FW and state parks covers a LOT of territory.
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  18. I don't understand your post. Are threatening to firebomb my house because of my feeble attempt at humor? Damn!!(that was another feeble attempt at humor)
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  19. And to keep veering back toward the OP... In Ca. if a stream is fishable, but not accessible because of private land ownership, you can petition to force easement. Which works surprisingly often. I've made that threat a few times too. As in: "I can go through this stream or I can petition the court and walk across your yard next time."
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  20. AMEN

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