Private Property Boundaries

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Wyoforlife, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. I'm RELIEVED to see that I didn't PEE anyone off with my comment.
  2. Steve- I think you might consider putting up a "FLY FISHING ONLY" sign...
  3. Only once eh? Before the next pink run you owe it to yourself to join the local gear boards and make a general post to their members stating your expectations.
  4. Thanks for the advise but it's not worth my time to go on a board for gear guys. Most of the guys I run into problems with unfortunately do not have a working knowledge of written English. They speak and understand well enough but have never bothered to learn to write it and placing a "flyfishing only" sign would be hampered by the same problem. What I probably will do is post the bulkhead with 'No Trespass" signs. As long as people don't leave their trash or climb the bulkhead, I don't have a problem with fishermen either way gear or otherwise. It's only for about a month every two years. If that becomes a problem then I'll get the Sheriff involved.

    Actually, this thread is not about my property specifically because I've already stated many times that I have no objections to fishermen on my beach as long as the property is respected. The point is that it is always, always, always wise to seek permission before you enter or cross. That way there are no misunderstandings from the beginning. No one should assume that it is okay to go onto a beach merely because it has water on it. We respect private lakes and private stretches of rivers. Why not beaches?
  5. Lets not bash gear dudes too much
    we all threw a spoon at some point
    douche bags are douche bags regardless of their rod choice

    hey steve what are they doing on the bridge over the park?
    that is a weird looking machine/pump thing
  6. I don't bash fishermen, period. We all have a right to fish but are limited to open areas and regulations. If you don't abuse, everything is cool

    I have no idea what they're doing under the bridge. They have been at it for quite a while, whatever it is. It's something to do with below, maybe seismic upgrades or something. I am just guessing. It's usually dark everytime I go over.
  7. hey Steve thanks for the bridge report
    they also did some work on the next bridge north on 509
    at least somebody has got a job

    i did not mean to infer anything with the "bash" comment
    i apologize
  8. So I'm fishing the beaches and adhering to the 'low tide line' theory when sure enough, I gotta pee... Make my way to a bulkhead, that is without a doubt on someones property (not mine), and strip the waders down for free release (we have all been there) While im draining, I look up the concrete wall and sure as shit there's the owner watching me piss...He started off by saying 'enjoying my view? Sure is a nice day to ...' I thought initially this guy was pissed that I was pissing on his concrete but after that awkward 30 seconds of shaking and storing, he simply said 'just kidding, catch anything yet?" ...I was relieved!!! Nice dude, stayed and shot the breeze for a few minutes and I was off to pilfer some more tide. Funny how what you ask about in a question comes full circle and almost hits you in the face. Low tide line theory is holding true so be continued

    fyi- I was arrested in college for pissing in public on campus in South Carolina
  9. I guess you didn't learn your lesson, did you? If that had been my bulkhead, I would most surely have asked you what in the heck you thought you were doing. I make it a habit to hit the head before I fish so I don't pollute the beach. Not that one draining would do a great deal of damage but my kids play on that beach and so do a lot of their friends. Who wants to be walking along and run into that? If enough people do that, you may as well have an open septic system that drains directly into the Sound. The least you could do is carry an empty bottle with you and then get rid of it properly when you come in but then who wants to carry a bottle of human waste around in their pack, anyway? It's easier to leave it on the beach. It's sort of like the people who walk thier dogs on my school's playgroud and don't bother to scoop. It's a good thing we have extra clothing and a washer/dryer there. When enough people disregadr the unwritten rules of society then we have no society.

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