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  1. Thank you Alex, I have a new way of describing my son's ozone depleting flatulance...

    Alex, I saw this on Slate and thought of you...woulda made my history major much easier, no doubt ( you can zoom in on it with the gray bar on the image itself, pull the bar to the right)"1810.000";lc:RUMSEY~8~1&mi=1
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  2. I just read all 4 pages of this and I am still confused and a poor speller. Son of a nutcracker!
  3. Punctuation thread (which was really about capitalization)=One word contest thread

  4. Red Meat. The cause of Gout in us old farts. Also drinking lots of beer will set it off. Eat and drink with care. You've been warned.
  5. Boot, that's a great resource! I do wish I'd had that in the reading list. It's especially good to see the slow rise of empires laid out in a manner that's easy to see, and the dates aren't portrayed as being set in concrete. Thanks!
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  6. In a thread about punctuation, it's ironic that your signature line is improperly punctuated. Unless you are adamant that you actually worry.
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  7. It's an Alfred E. Neuman quote.
  8. Not sure that Alfred E. Neuman did any texting.
  9. I'd like to build a bobber...use an older Triumph Bonneville.

  10. It's doubly ironic that your second sentence is not a sentence. It's a clause that should have been tacked onto the preceding text, separated by a comma:

    "In a thread about punctuation, it's ironic that your signature line is improperly punctuated, unless you are adamant that you actually worry".

  11. The first comma is unnecessary and the period belongs at the end of the sentence within the quotes. :D

    "In a thread about punctuation it's ironic that your signature line is improperly punctuated, unless you are adamant that you actually worry."
  12. Apparently the position of quotation marks is relevant to style. In the US punctuation goes within the marks. In the UK, Canada or anywhere else under the influence of British education the marks precede the punctuation.

    In addition, I have learned this liberating fact:
    In reporting "silent speech"—noting that language is "said," but internally and not spoken out loud—writers are on their own. Writers can put quotation marks around it or not:
    • Oh, what a beautiful morning, Curly said to himself.
    • "Oh, what a beautiful morning!" Curly said to himself.
    Convention normally insists that a new paragraph begins with each change of speaker:
    "I don't care what you think anymore," she said, jauntily tossing back her hair and looking askance at Edward.
    "What do you mean?" he replied.
    "What do you mean, 'What do I mean?'" Alberta sniffed. She was becoming impatient and wished that she were elsewhere.
    "You know darn well what I mean!" Edward huffed.
    "Have it your way," Alberta added, "if that's how you feel."

    I've always worried terribly about these things. Thanks to these four pages on proper US written language in this fly fishing forum I can finally enjoy some peace of mind.

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  13. If the quote rests within the sentence then the full stop punctuation follows the quotation marks. If the entirety of the sentence is a quotation then the full stop punctuation lies within the quotes.

    Commas are a bit more iffy, as they can designate a few things, an audible pause being one. In that sense it can be harder to regulate them, because, who are you, to tell me, when I may pause whilst I speak?
  14. Didn't Victor Borge cover this Punctuation issue years ago?
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  15. I'm wondering if it would be helpful if we moved on to spacing conventions.

    When is single spacing appropriate?
    How about double spacing?
    Is triple spacing ever correct?

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  16. Double spacing after end of sentence punctuation and colons went out with the advent of computers and non-monotype. Double spacing is still appropriate when using monotype fonts, however, such as Courier New. That said, I have a hard time breaking my double spacing habits because I learned to type on IBM selectric and continued using these machines during my time as a legal assistant. This was many years ago, but I have a hard time with old habits that are so engrained.

    When is or was triple spacing ever appropriate? I've never used it.
  17. C'mon, Alex, this years "One Word Contest" has gone on for 48 freakin' pages! We have bigger problems than punctuation!
  18. It is, in fact, a sentence by all linguistic criteria. Your argument is that it's an independent clause, which could theoretically be separated by either a comma or a period.

  19. Can somebody explain what the hell the "One Word Contest" is, and how you win. This seems as good a thread as any to do it in.
  20. I think this issue is now a dead horse. This should be locked up. Where is a Mod when you need one.

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