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  1. I like burled maple spacers with dark reel seat hardware, but dark wood spacers with bright hardware.
  2. I was referring to vertical line spacing not spacing within lines. Again I ask, "Is triple spacing ever correct"?

  3. As someone who is very concerned about digital wastefulness, I prefer 1.5 line spacing, over double spacing, when separation is called for. Otherwise, we are unnecessarily wasting electrons, or bits, or whatever passes for a resource in digital communication.
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  4. Triple spacing is appropriate before the all caps word and punctuation, "BOOM!" in order to lower it.

    Is this the right answer?

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  5. Setting line height would require CSS. So, it depends on whether that will be repeated more than once. ;)
  6. Maybe they are helping Uncle Jack revive that horse....?? ;) I'd rather they be doing something useful like that than being too quick with the Moderatorizing buttons.
  7. Sure, it's a silly thread but no one is holding a gun to your head to read it.... at least... I don't think they are.

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