pros and cons of nymphing with a fly rod?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by dragonslayer, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

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    This 300# man would have given them a screwing they deserved. Rod? In river. Camera? In river. Don't like it? You can swim too.

    Aww who am I kidding. I'd just slash tires and go home. Less work.
  2. David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

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    Funny you should say this. I just binged watched the first three Skagit Master DVD's.

    Scott Howell would say your doing it (swinging) wrong then. I love his comment about cast, mend step robots v people who catch fish on the swing. I bet he made lots of friends, and I bet he didn't give a shit like a Honey Badger.

    I'd buy him a beer. I like that guy.
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    What amazes me most is how much hypocrisy there can be from some of the members of an internet fly fishing forum.

    What amazes me is how many times someone will chime in with a comment that stirs the pot that simply could be avoided by that human using his/her own free will NOT to enter the thread of controversy or even if lacking the will power not to enter, to simply NOT reply to said thread. Simply amazing.

    What amazes me that Derek and I toss out some kick ass F'ing verse only to get totally and utterly obliterated by Freestone who proves, yet again, that she is exponentially more talented than Mumbles, who trails Derek by miles and miles. Humbled, yet again.
  4. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    DanielOcean, you lost your opening bet. Page six, some terse posts and drifting of civility, but every now and again, one thread has to be sacrificed to the whims of winter whiners that won't let their minds expand.
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  5. jersey livin' the dream

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    I respect an asshole that knows they're an asshole. You're an asshole and think it's just a misperception.
    True words of wisdom, thanks PT.

    Pleasure is in the fishing, one should not judge how another pleasures themselves.
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  6. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    Did you end the day by screwing a 300 lb mammal of any sort?

    Go Sox,
  7. Evan Virnoche Guest

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    Man I missed a lot today, I really shouldn't have taken off 9 hours from the site. This thread really got cookin.

    Nate u need to realize that a lot of guys are going to disrespect u here. Your lack of on river etiquette I have witnessed first hand. Also people view you as the Gary ridgeway of steelheading

    It's plain and simple swinging up a fish is always gonna trump all other methods for those who are dedicated steelheaders
  8. Danielocean Steelhead Virgin

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  9. Irafly Active Member

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    Again with the absolutes! I disagree Evan, but I would agree that for you it trumps all other methods. It does no such thing for me. Been there done that and it didn't trump crap for me.
  10. Irafly Active Member

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    Nope, closer to 6 times that combined. images.jpg
  11. Randall Clark Active Member

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    I think this is actually my biggest dig with many folks is them attempting to tell ME what I like most.
  12. atomic dog Jive Turkey

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    This thread is getting weird. And awesome. Should I infer from this that David Dalan is Danielocean's mother?

    Ira, you should try swinging for trout on stillwater, it's absolutely better than that silly bobber watching you do.
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    I don't know why I read these threads or how they reach 7 pages. Why does this continue to come up? Just go fishing for fucks sake. Who cares what others think between the pros and cons of swinging vs nymphing. Grow a backbone and do what makes you happy and don't ask these guys what they think. Unless your a troll and enjoy seeing a bunch of guys with too much time on their hands get all worked up.

    Nice work, Freestone. You made it worth wading through this garbage.

    Good luck,

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  14. CLO coho where are you?

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    But seriously,

    pros: good presentation to fish
    cons: a little harder to cast

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    how come nobody walks around with indicators and jigs dangling from their fly patches. I'd like to see the thingamabobber and other items become more prevalent in the tool box of the unsung hero of steelheading. a movie perhaps. we could call it.....sol duc master. dudes talking super serious about shot patterns, and custom lines. it would be even funnier than watching a dude talk super serious about worm weights and stuff. perhaps a new facet of fishing should open up. we could call it.......phlyfishing. you see it would have less to do with the actual fishing and more to do with the on river fashion show that steelheading has become for many. on a side note, i saw a pavati the other day that looked like an ed hardy t shirt with a mall walker looking dude at the helm. it was pretty sweet. just thinking out loud here.
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  16. dragonslayer New Member

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    This thread was never about swinging vs nymphing, rather what merit nymphing with a fly rod has over nymphing with a spinning rod. Thank you to the 3 people who actually read and responded to the original post. Definitely not a troll here, I actually prefer to fish the swing. I feel like being able to fish multiple disciplines makes me a better spey fisherman and better at understanding and locating steelhead.

    In other news I went to the video premier of "Hatchery and Native" last night in Portland, I believe it's up on their site now.
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  17. Randall Clark Active Member

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    Ok, to answer the OPs question. For me, there really aren't too many cons, except that [for me] it's more difficult to get really really long drifts & get good drifts in slots that have several different currents speeds between the angler (that part is due to my own preference for shorter glass rods = less line control on the water). For me the pros are that I never get bored fishing with an indi/nymph combo. I like being able to sneak up on potential fish holding areas and then catch fish a rod length or two out, that's fun...much more fun than just swing, step, swing, step, repeat 500 times [for me]. I never have a problem casting my setup because I don't use much weight and I rarely use extra split shot...I carry it with me if I want to try to pull a fish out of a really deep slot, but that's where my choice of flies come in. I typically fish various wooly bugger style flies tied very slender and with small tungsten beads or eyes on them. This combination allows for them to sink very fast but without too much weight where it makes casting difficult and they're not dragging in the stones. They are also very good when they swing up to the surface. I also happen to be a visual person, hence the indicator and watching that thing dive is fun [for me]. Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy watching fish hammer offerings that are at or close to the surface so I'll swing dry-line and skaters on occasion as well (usually occurs if I've either not caught anything, or have caught a couple and just feel like experimenting). I enjoy the challenge of trying to get a good drift with a fly rod in water that makes it difficult to do so...whether it's positioning myself or throwing in the extra stack mend, doesn't matter. That's why I like it.

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  18. dustinchromers president: Slayers Club

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    Dude, I totally walk around with heavi bead leaders hanging from my fly patch. I had my mom stitch one of those to the chest of my black leather jacket.
  19. David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

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    Danny? Is that you son?
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    what kind of water repellant do u run on the leather jacket? just wondering nik wax?