pros and cons of nymphing with a fly rod?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by dragonslayer, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. A Spey fish is a fish that can only be caught at distances of 100' or so - because that's how far they swam away after being spooked by all that spey casting ruckus!
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  2. An indicator fisherman can become a good swinger faster than a swinger can become a good swinger. Catching fish helps you learn where they are. Once you learn where they typically hold, after putting quite a few under your belt, you can learn how to get her down, keep her down, and bring her across nice and slow to start catching fish.
  3. I sometimes swing the nymph after the bobber drift :eek:

  4. You speak the truth; the best swingers I know learned to fish for steelhead on bait and spoons before they ever picked up a two hander.
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  5. I struggled with learning how to flyfish for PNW winter fish. I had nymphed many up in the great lakes, but struggled here. I only really got better once I fished with couple others and watched them, and watched them catch.

    There also is an important distinction to be made between summer fish and winter fish, and to a lesser extent wild and hatchery. With the closure of the PS winter rivers, I travel to fish wild summers more and more. The visual aspect of floating line and dry flies really lessen the learning curve.

    There is an increased amount of positive reinforcement with the strikes that you see with floaters that you likely never feel with tips. This lets you know where they live. Additionally you learn a lot about how to slow down your fly when you watch it wake accross.

    Anyhow, continue bashing swingers. I just thought there was a bit more to it thatn you all make it out.

    Go Sox,
  6. No bashing. I've seen many anglers go from drift fishing to swinging and be proficient immediately. I've seen none that picked up the 2 hander and had a clue where they'd find their first fish. I had a few hundred under my belt before ever buying my first 8100 RPL.

    Also, the only times I've glo bugged was very specific pieces of water that couldn't be swung. I'd take the 5 minutes to switch just to see if I was right. Fishing that water was only to verify my suspicions. Then it was time to move on.
  7. If you aren't throwing beads you aren't trying.
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  8. It's true.. Being able to cast doesn't mean you know how to fish..
  9. Sorry PT. I was being pissy.

    Go Sox,
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  10. It wasn't, bummer I had taken you off of the list of members I would fish a run with. Ok now your on the list again.
  11. I rope chromers on the swung fly and then swap out a bead for the glory shot
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  12. What's a baitcaster ?
  13. Not a spinning reel. A levelwind or reel you'd see being used in the BassMasters.
  14. Sorry, was being a wiseass. Thought I'd get a lot of "Bubba" references.
  15. What's a "Bassmaster"? : )
  16. Hey, I resemble that.
  17. pros. you slay, you look cool, you can call yourself a flyfishermen, you can brag to all your friends how much chrome you slay on the fly.

    cons. some people are haters and try to kill your buzz.

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