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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ben Guss, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    How about a SCR swap with a twist! Please submit flys that YOU have had success with. I'm thinking 10ish tiers depending on the level of interest. Please also post what fly you are tying so we can minimize the duplication.

    Once all your patterns are tied up ship them to me with either a self addressed stamped returnable envelope I'll send PMs to everyone involved with my address.

    Looking at the calendar how does March 1 sound like for a due date?

    Again, please also let us know what fly you are tying so we can minimize the duplication.
    I know I'll be tying some euphasids.

    Thanks for participating!

    1. nailbender- pink and green beach spider- received
    2. scottflycst's - McGinty Soft Hackle - received
    3. Derek Sater- fox clouser - received
    4. Kelvin- Double K Reverse Spider- received
    5. Annie- Bed and Breakfast- received
    6. Ron McNeal- squid- received
    7. Kerfwappie- chum baby - received
    8. Obsessed- reversed lady a. spider
    9. photosenior- euphasids - done
  2. I'd say you'd better change glasses and have another look at the calendar!
  3. Is the twist the three days to tie?
  4. Sorry all,

    I posted this last night when i probable should have just gone to bed...

    Thanks for the catch.
    Yes- March 1 would be a little more reasonable.
  5. Ok, I'm in then.
  6. I'll be in with a pattern of old, courtesy of our local SRC legend Mr. Les Johnson.
  7. I'd like in on this. I caught a sea run on a fly once.
  8. I caught one once too
    I'm in
  9. I' m in with something from Les Johnson's fly list I'll have to decide later. But will let you know in a day or two.:)
  10. I'll tie up some fox clousers.
  11. I'll tie my pink and green beach spider.
  12. May I please join in? I would be tying Bob Trigg's Chum Baby, unless Bob wants to join and tie them. Every SRC fly box should have few copies of this deadly effective fly pattern.

  13. OK, so I have decided on a fly from Fly-Fishing Coastal Cutthroat Trout by Les Johnson. It's called Bed and Breakfast by Mike Croft. This is a nice little bait fish pattern and should be easy to tie up a bunch.:)
  14. Thanks for all your interest!
    Anyone else or are we calling this it?
  15. Count me in! I think I'll tie a reverse amherst spider.
  16. No worries, have fun!!!
  17. Are you sure Bob? I'd gladly tie something different.
  18. I am doing the Double K Reverse Spider
    and a Flat Wing for Kerfwappie and the swap master
  19. Thanks Kelvin. I'm looking forward to it. Sweet.
  20. Many thanks!

    Ok all,
    Last call for the swap.
    If anyone else wants in, chime in today.

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