Puerta Vallerta

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by maluce, Nov 22, 2002.

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    I got a sweet deal on a trip to P.V. Dec5-7. Any suggestions
    for FFing or is it pretty much a trolling fishery? Bill Fish
    on Lite Tackle? Good or Bad timing? Thanks for any help/info.

  2. Philster New Member

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    Fishing can be awesome there. Timing is the only concern I would have. but hey, weather is always a gamble when you travel to fish. You are more exposed than in the sea of cortez proper, but other than that you have all kinds of options open. Good inshore and offshore fishing. Trolling is a great way to hook one fish, then you start chumming his buddies and the fly fishing really begins. To me Mexico fishing is mostly an issue of acquiring live bait. If I can get live bait for chum, I can catch fish on the fly. Chunk bait works too, it's just not as wild. Whether it's trolling a hookless live teaser mullet or Mac or cab' to attract a rooster, Amber jack, or Toro, or throwing sardina at passing schools of tuna to get their attention, it's all good! Are you already booked into it? if not I can point you to other options that MIGHT have better (easier) fishing and you can compare costs... I would say go, and bring all the gear you can pack :YUM
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    Philster is right on. I've fished Mexico a few times. My suggestions are as follows: Go to web sites, try flyshop.com and go to Mexico site as a start. There's a fly guide in Cabo and one in Lorretto that can give you leads. You should be able to find them through flyshop or just do a search for Puerta Vallerta flyfishing and go from there. Do your homework and find a guide that understands fly fishing. They can be hard to find but worth their weight in Dorado. You'll probably end up fishing for Roosters and jacks inshore; dorado, wahoo, yellow fin tuna near shore and if you have the gear and a knowledgable guide you could get into sails or striped marlin, all on the fly. If I had to take one setup to Mexico it would be a 12 wt with a intermediate sink line or a shooting head system with a mono ( like amnesia) running line. It will handle anything from small doradoo to small marlin. If you can find it, get and read Trey Combs BlueWater Fly Fishing. It is comprehensive and the photos will blow you away! There's a good chance you'll end up in a 16 ft open boat called a panga. They have live wells so make sure you ( your guide) can get some bait. Sometimes you'll troll bait to find fish. If this is your first time and you can't get or don't have the fly gear, go fishing anyway. The guides should all have bait gear. Two things I can guarantee; You will have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will have a new addiction that costs way more than your normal fly fishing. If you have any more questions let me know.
  4. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    Call the Port townsend Angler and talk with jim Kerr, and ask for connection to Lance Peterson, he's guided down there, Cabo and the Baja and he'll have some good advice for you, knows allot of guys.Lucky you.
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    check with Grant Hartman at Baja-Anlgers.com - he can probably give you some pointers for PV. Also, post your message on www.danblanton.com - lots of warm water guys there that can give you the scoop.

    Flies - deceivers, Able anchovies, surf-candies etc - light blue, olive, dark blue, chartruese, and gray over white - 1/0 and larger stiff hooks - maybe some large poppers too.

    10 wt for doarado and roosters under 20#, 12 wt for larger dorado and small tuna, 14 wt for larger tuna, marlin and sailfish. Sink tip line to get the fly down fast to fish level when chumming.

    See if you guide has larger gear to rent, and larger flies to use for big fish.

    Take extra cash - bait will be 30$ US per day on boat.

    Check your flybox with your suitcase - can usually check your rod at the gate.

    Have fun!!

    Jim W