Puerto Rico

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by jcacc, Jan 17, 2011.

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    i will be in P.R. in early april and might get a little time for fishing. i've not fished for tarpon or snook before and my biggest rig is an 8wt. was wondering if anyone has any experience there or has a guide recommendation. i pulled this off the web http://www.fishinginpuertorico.com and they have backcountry flyfishing for tarpon/snook. any thoughts? many thanks in advance.
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    Take the 8 wt. Talk to the guide about which species you can successfully target without blowing up your rod. :D Back country should be a hoot.
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    I've never fished in Puerto Rico but I've been down there many times and I know you can catch tarpon from the beach in SW Puerto Rico near Cabo Rojo and up the coast from there. Bahia Boqueron has a cool little village centered on it and I believe the fishing is pretty good there too.