Puffy Jackets and Flat brimmed hats

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by John Hicks, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. I have a puffy coat and was thinking about returning it. But it's so darn warm and comfy.

    P.S. Wearing your hat backwards would make motor boating easier too. Can't we all just get along?
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  2. It's pretty pathetic when I have to read a thread like this instead of an interesting fishing report.... or go fishing myself.
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  3. That hat is pretty sweet--what company? Coal?
  4. I think that people that wear their baseball caps with the flat bill look like dorks. It must be a Dork thing. Also when they have on a cap that is to big and they have their ears stuck inside of it. Sizing is what they need to do. Wearing a cap that way is not cool. To me it is stupid.

    This is my opinion. Opinions are like assholes...........................Everybody has one.
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  5. Assholes are not meant to be shared with everyone though...
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  6. I find that although I am getting a little saggy around the middle, the Aladdin Sane one-piece and facial makeup pretty much guarantees the run is mine and mine alone.
  7. i too am being forced to read this thread ;)
  8. Ultimate Flat-brimmed Hat.jpg
    Times have changed and I need to adapt. My new purchase will keep me relevant for awhile longer. These flat brims come with a GoPro HERO3 attachment point too.
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  9. You know that feeling when your buddy passes out in the car on the way home, and you start ripping ass just because he caught 8 fish to your 5. He wakes up to the hotbox of sharticles you've been marinating in and that surprise dead-leg you rightfully receive? Thats how much it hurts trying to give a fuck what some old curmudgeon thinks about my choice in wardrobe on the river or elsewhere.
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  10. Classic - Post of the Day
  11. I've always thought a flat brimed cowboy hat was rather stylish. I myself prefer the Tom Mix style of cowboy hat . But then againI'm also prone to wear a waxed filson coat in wet weather as well so what do I know..
  12. This must be some sort of newfangled code: I understood only about half of what Darthmonkey wrote!
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  13. What? You've never woken up to a hotbox of sharticles you've been marinating in? You must be new around here.

    The brim on my Stormy Kromer is pretty flat. Am I gonna be okay out there or will it be bothering people to the point where they can no longer enjoy their time on the same water? I'm just not sure what to do.

    Please help
  14. Alex, you and me both... must be that generation thing again.

    Well... during the brief time I wore baseball caps, I wore them to play baseball. In those days the hot deal was to bend them as Jim does his. I do have baseball caps in my collection of hats and the brims are all "shaped".

    I guess one advantage of the flat brims is it gives you a place to hold your hotdog... or in the case of flyfishing... hold a spare spool. :)

    So I guess wearing baseball caps backwards is now out and the pancake grill brim is in?

    (The hat shown is not up to date... it doesn't have the new and improved angry beaver logo... the one that looks like an angry walnut)
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  15. You should be okay, as long as you don't wear it backwards & also make sure if you have those newfangled zippered waders that the zipper is in the front & not behind you in the back!!!!
  16. Ripping ass = Breaking wind, passing gas, farting
    Hotbox = the effect of cutting off all ventilation inside a car to maximize the effect of introduced odors.
    Sharticles = Shart particles (Shart = $hit/fart in one disagreeable event. Normally occurs after greasy meals to those with irritable bowels)
    Dead-leg = The effect of instantaneously putting someone's leg asleep by punching his/her thigh in the correct place to temporarily collapse the femoral artery causing a chain reaction of events to put the victim's leg to sleep. Also quite painful at the application site.

    Hope this helps.
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  17. Thanks, I feel much better now.

  18. I would not of figured out this new fangeld language, we need a sticky with translation's. The sad part is that at my age we just call it shitting our pant's or damn close.
  19. Ah, shitting one's pants. That I understand. But only worry about that the next day in elk camp after having Uchytil's goulash the night before. Jan should market it to the people who make colonoscopy laxatives, it would taste a damn sight better, and get the same results.

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