Puget Sound At Her Finest

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by miyawaki, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Tom P.

    Tom P. Tom P.

    I totally agree with Mr. Miyawaki.:thumb:
  2. Dustin Bise

    Dustin Bise Active Member

    sweet fish! 0_o
  3. SciGuy

    SciGuy Active Member

    Not sure I'd go that far. Dave is about 6'5" and make 20 lb nooks look like rezzies.

    If that is your conclusion then you should take a closer look at the pic.

    Well, it ought to bother you.

    Rocks are hard and barnacles are sharp...nuff said.
  4. Preston

    Preston Active Member

    I like 'em even better when they've been in the river long enough to start developing that overall golden coloration that symbolizes autumn and sea-run cutthroat fishing to me.

    View attachment 35405
  5. who said double standard? DEAD ON!!!

    anyone else that didnt get some serious skull on this board would get reamed.

    poor handling. A shame for a nice fish like that and i cant see it being as big as some of the fish posted.
  6. rockfish

    rockfish Member

    thumbs down on pulling fish out onto a beach to get a picture. ugly
  7. Ryan Nathe

    Ryan Nathe Member

    LEGIT Don! Very nice fish and awesome handling.
  8. ryfly

    ryfly Addicted to flyfishing

    Hey Rockfish, before you start casting "ugly" comments to other anglers why the eff don't you take a look at your avatars comment. Shame on you.
  9. Dustin Bise

    Dustin Bise Active Member

    dang that is one sweet SRC. ive never caught one that big before.
  10. wet line

    wet line New Member

    My Oh My!

    Leland knows how to handle fish in any given situation!

    A fish on wet rocks is far less "damaged" than a fish in a net with a hand glommed on it.

    There are times when a fish has to be taken onto the beach or shore just to remove the fly. That in my opinion is a better option than grabbing said fish in hand and doing the chore.

    The problem with any pic is that it doesn't show a tme line. It only shows a moment without context.

    Leland is an honorable man. Don't let your imagination get a hold of you.

  11. Salty Fly

    Salty Fly Member


    I think your post is exactly what the double standard comments refer too. Can you imagine if I tried to explain myself with a wet rock vs net vs not taking the picture excuse. Oh wait the option of not taking a picture, just releasing the fish, now there is and idea.
  12. rockfish

    rockfish Member

    A fish is not far less damaged being dragged up on the rocks flopping around for a pic then being in a landing net with a hand glommed on it. Most of the time the hook falls out when the fish is in the net and you simply let it go. Anybody who fishes for cutthroat should have some type of landing net. I'm not singling out anybody, its just proper fish handling.
  13. Chris Robinson

    Chris Robinson New Member

    it doesn't matter who you are just take care of the dam fish...........
  14. flybill

    flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    Nicely said Dave! iagree
  15. cabezon

    cabezon Sculpin Enterprises

    There is a noisy small minority that treat these fish like they are newborn infants or fine china. Those whiners jump on any perceived deviation from their absolute standards. For example I had several folks look askance at a picture of a damn Blue Creek steelhead because they thought there might be an adipose there - morons. Of course, they lacked the cajones to ask me directly but whined to another board member who diplomatically stated their case.

    Most of us, with more experience and more common sense, are more trusting of our fellow anglers to treat the fish that we play with in such a way that it doesn't cause permanent harm to the fish (unless it is a hatchery steelhead - in which case a wood shampoo is the only appropriate approach). Leland has handled more searun cutts than most of us can imagine our wildest fishy dreams. Frankly, I am willing to give newbies a pass too on most handling activities. O.K., fingers in the gills for a salmonid that you plan to release would be a no no.

  16. Scott Orness

    Scott Orness Small fish in a big pond

    Once upon a time there were many more extraordinary fly anglers like Leland on this forum and they no longer browse or more importantly educate us with their vast knowledge of saltwater fly fishing because of the critical comments.

    Nice SRC Leland! Thanks for making me a better fisherman and turning me onto saltwater fly fishing.
  17. Dustin Bise

    Dustin Bise Active Member

    but what about the children??
  18. cabezon

    cabezon Sculpin Enterprises

    "But what about the children?" Is that the best you can do?


    Nice revision, Dustin.........
  19. Dustin Bise

    Dustin Bise Active Member

  20. OK wet line so if he knows how to handle a fish in any situation how come there is one lying on the rocks?
    A cutthroat you have to beach to remove the hook? i dont think so.

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