Puget Sound At Her Finest

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by miyawaki, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. SciGuy

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    I see ass kissers.

    Cabezon, I think all fish that are destined for release should indeed be treated like a newborn infant or fine china... but that is not a minority opinion and it is sad that you think it is. That said, fish are slimey buggers and a hot fish can be difficult to handle...and, well, $hit happens sometimes. Yes, we all know what the poster has done for our sport, which is exactly why the pic was so shocking. An explanation would be helpful.

    The idea that a fish on rocks is less damaged than in a net is just dumb.
  2. Alexander

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    Aw snap!!! I can't believe this thread is still going!!!! Geez, cut some slack for cryin' out loud!!! So sure, it's not the ideal way to handle a fish! I don't think ANY of us would regularly handle a fish like that.

    That said for all of you who trip on possibly damaging the fish....uh don't fish! Has the fish ever told you that it preferred being hooked in the mouth, then played with the hook in it's mouth, getting all stressed out during the fight to being laid on some rock? When you catch a fish you 'jack it up', for lack of better terms.

    If you want the fish to be handled like an infant wth are you hooking and fighting it for?

    Ugh, sickening. I like to fish, I like to catch fish, hook 'em, fight 'em and bringing them to hand. I'll do the best I can to let it go so I can come back and torture it once more for my pleasure (not the fish's). And if in the process the fish dies, well sucks to be the fish, there will be others.

    Let just all agree that we're down with some form of 'controlled' fish torture.
  3. JesseC

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    Alexander I totally agree.

    It's always comical to see the PETA hypocrites come out of the woodwork on this stuff. Give me a effing break. It's a fish, it's fine. If you're soooooo concerned about them then you probably shouldn't be wasting hours of your life trying to hook one through the damned mouth.

    If you really want to get all riled up, then go talk to the gill netters, countless poachers, and other complete a-holes out there actually doing harm. This thread is a joke.
  4. Bob Balder

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    There you go, that is it, go fishing or something huh? Wow, makes a guy afraid to post fish porn for fear he will be shunned for catching and releasing a fish he has been after for, in my case, weeks. I have been raked over the coals in this forum for a post and it isn't pleasant. Education is one thing but piling on, post after post arguing about what is worse, seaweed covered rocks or a net.....Jeeze, use your head, maybe some common sense. Get over yourself maybe....
    Nice fish Leland, and no that is not ass kissing, nice fish.
  5. Salty Fly

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    For the second time in this thread I agree with you Alexander. I also think the original point regarding the "double standard" has been lost. After all it's just fishing right?
  6. Don Freeman

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    This thread is getting tired, but I have a feeling that the comment on a "fish in a net with a hand glommed onto it" refers to the picture I posted. I avoid touching fish as a rule, but if you look carefully, you'll see that my hand is open, but I had to rotate the trout gently to an upright position because he was exhausted and belly up. A "hand glommed onto it" describes a one handed grip and grin where the fish is squeezed like a tube of toothpaste and waved in the air. I seldom photograph my catch, but this shot was for a magazine article about protecting SRC's. Irony.

    I think the bottom line is that we can beat the old horse all day over whether beaching a fish kills it or not, but I've yet to hear anyone claim that it's good for them. We should strive for the least stressful treatment in the given situation.
  7. wet line

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    Sci Guy

    I am going to tell you why yours and others thinking is wrong about babying fish! The most humane way to handle a fish is to NOT let it take line but rather make it work against the rod as much as possible for starters. You dominate the fish and get it to hand as quickly as possible.

    Now most of the people whining about this have probably never caught a sea run in the 18 to 20 inch category and I believe this fish is in there. A 14" cutt and an 18" cutt are night and day! Yes, sometimes the hook will fall out but often it takes a bit of effort to extract and to do that subduing the fish is necessary. Nets are OK at some level but they still remove a lot of slime which is critical for survival. Hands even when wet are not good. Sometimes the best thing to do is to slide a fish onto the bank and due the duty there. I know as I have been fortunate enough to catch some LARGE sea runs over the years.

    Situation dictates what you do in handling a fish. What we don't know is the situation. Now if the fish was being held up with two hands for a hero shot that is another issue but it wasn't. So critisize if it makes you feel good but you are doing so without knowing the full picture and is really quite hollow.

  8. Alexander

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    "but I've yet to hear anyone claim that it's good for them. We should strive for the least stressful treatment in the given situation"

    "because he was exhausted and belly up"

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    :thumb: Interesting comment and what it insinuates!

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    You can't change the context in the middle of a discussion. This thread has turned into a thread about handling fish once brought to hand/net. Yes, of course, any fish destined for release should be brought in as soon as possible without the fish be too hot to handle...this is the central arguement against ultralight tackle for CNR fisheries...but that is off-topic. Once the fish is in hand, however, the game changes and it should release as quickly and gently as possible...no sand, no rocks, no barnacles, no dry hand, no wool glove, no knotted net, etc. I have brought in my fair share of SRCs in the 18+ range and, yes, they are a different beast...but none of them required a barnacle-laden beach to land. Yes, we do harass fish even in CNR fisheries but that doesn't mean we can't minimize the harassment. Finally, to the genius a few posts ago who can't differentiate between a PETA mentality and proper CNR...you, sir, are truly lost.
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    You guys are fuking duche bags.
    Nice fish Leland
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    Name calling. Now that's intelligent. Good conversational skills. You win the debate. Bravo my man. Quick, ring the bell! Winner! Winner! Winner!

    Oh yeah, you misspelled a few words.

    Yes, it is a nice fish Leland.