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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by alki, Sep 28, 2012.

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    Hello to all beach Spey casters.
    I have had a good time beach Spey casting for Coho this summer however I am still trying to work out the best rod and line combo. I have been casting Skagit Flights and Skagit shorts with a sinking 10' tip on a 13'-6" 8 weight rod. While it has worked good enough to take some fish I continue to wonder if there is a better line style approach. It seems there is no end to varies line styles and weights that could be used (Flights, Shorts, Scandi, Scandi Shorts, Outbound, Outbound Heads, etc.).
    I would sure appreciate to hear from other beach Spey casters as to what rod /line/tip combos work for you so that I may avoid buying a bunch of lines that may not work for beach Spey.
    Since I am somewhere between a wanaby and a newby any information would be appreciated.

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    I like a TFO 5wt switch rod overlined with a 6wt Wulff Ambush line and 10' polyleaders. An intermediate leader works well for poppers, and a slow to fast sinking for clousers and other sunken flies.
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    Hello Doublespey,
    Many thanks for the reply
    I am curious if you are Spey casting the Ambush line or overhead casting or both? Does the Fast sinking Tip and/or weighted clousers force you to make casting adjustments ?
    I also have a 5 weight switch however I have shied away from using it because it seems I can not get the distance compared to the 8 weight. It might be that overlining to a 6 weight line would give more distance. Any idea of the length of casts you are achieving with the 6 weight line?
    Best Regards,
  4. doublespey Steelhead-a-holic

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    Hi Alki,

    I speycast,, which is why I overline the rod a bit. Either standard or reverse circle spey and spiral roll casts are my favorites, as I'm able to generate the highest line speeds. Very comfortable casting out to 70'+.
  5. Matthew Gulbranson Resident Swinger

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    I've used a compact scandi head on my 5 wt switch for a while now, and it works great with a little poke out there to get the line out, then one back cast and off it goes. Very easy to get 70+ ft out there. I can also spey cast with if the brush is close behind at high tide.

    I'm also in the searching dept for a line for my 6 wt switch, and haven't found the right one yet. There are a ton of options out there, and it can take a while to find the right one. But hopefully you don't need to spend a ton of money in the process!
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    I have been using an ECHO SR 6 weight off the beach for the past 3 years. It's heavy enough to handle fish up to the 10lb range and provides enough backbone to throw far enough out to reach them.

    I'm primarily fishing clousers in the size 1, 2 and 4 range. I fished the first few years using either a Scandi Compact 390 or a Skagit Compact 390 and have recently switched to a Skagit Switch 390. I like the Scandi for the days I feel like throwing more touch and go casts and the wind permits but overall I lean toward the Skagit Compact (and now the Switch) because the length allows a few more strips before having to reset and it's just more practical (for me) to use sustained anchor casts (Snap T's and Perry Pokes) under varied conditions and with a wider range of fly sizes. As soon as Wulff comes out with an Ambush Intermediate head or Airflo produces a Switch Intermediate in the 390/400 grain range, though, I'm moving to that for my beach line. My opinion is that a full (or mostly) intermediate sinker, preferably clear, is the best all-around line for the salt.

    If I'm specifically fishing for cutthroat and resident coho, I switch to my SR 4 weight, which I line with a Skagit Switch 360. On both setups I'm using Poly Leaders in Intermediate, Slow Sink and Extra Fast sink rates.

    I hope that helps--PM me if you want to talk more.