Puget Sound Face to Face Fly Swap and Casting Gathering

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Don't feel badly, my friend. I looked closely at the heads non my flies and for some reason, almost all look screwed up. I think i need some new epoxy.
  2. OkayRoger. We'll miss you.

    Leland, you really expect us to save you a beer?
  3. I'm exited. I'll have both boys in tow. I'll also figure out some hoisin ginger glazed chicken to bring.
  4. If there are beers earmarked for folks then I'll glady pass mine along to Leland. He deserves a beer way more than I do and I will have a longer trek home. Anyone who puts up with all of my annoying questions like Leland has...well lets just say that I should be bringing him a keg of his favorite brew.
  5. A beer from Mumbles and chicken from orangeradish will be all I need!

  6. I'll bring an extra cigar or two for ya... Hopefully I'll have enough! Maybe my online order will be in by the end of the week!
  7. Flybill,
    here's Leland's request
    La Gloria Cubana Corona, Madura wraper.

    any idea where I can get a couple?
  8. From Leland!
  9. Kelvin, that's a popular cigar, but the maduro is not as popular as the natural, so chances are if a store stocks them they most likely won't be sold out. You're in Seattle right? Raincity Cigar tends to always have a great inventory. They're in Georgetown, fairly quick off of I-5 and easy to get back on your way to Saville's. Give them a call: 5963 Corson Avenue South, Seattle, WA‎ - (206) 767-2048‎
  10. The cigar shop in Woodinville, by the QFC has them I think, and Fine Wine and Cigars in Redmond Town Center too. I love a good maduro and those are fine cigars. Also try the Camacho Triple Maduro! I've found a lot of different ones that I like.

    My favorite cigar at the moment is a fine Partagas Black! Got a box coming, but I doubt I'll have them by tomorrow. May stop by my cigar club in Fife before the event, but its a bit farther south than the event.

    See you guys tomororw!
    Cigar Bill
  11. Flybill, if you go to Fife just take the waterfront route by the metal scrap yard and the mill. It will take you all the way to Saville's in about 10 minutes or less.
  12. The misses is a bit concerned about a news story she heard. Something about Tacoma traffic, 15 mile backup both ways. She wants to bag the journey. Who is in the know that can tell me that this will not be a factor coming from the Gig Harbor side on 16 through Tacoma to Dash Point.

    Planning on bringing three switch rods, lines with shooting heads that I use for two handed overhead casting from the beach. We'll bring something to eat too. What else do we need?

    Rods in the rig:
    Orvis 7wt Switch
    TFO Deer Creek 4wt Switch
    TFO TiCR-X 8wt using the Switch Conversion Kit
    (Sorry, took the 6110 Z Axis to Sage today for ferrule wrap repair and a new tube)
  13. Mumbles,

    PM sent with back road directions.
  14. Not to worry. I'll have my 5110 there.
  15. Thanks Mike! See you guys down there!
  16. Kelvin, Steve and everyone else,
    I've been excited for weeks to attend this gathering, get a chance to meet everyone (especially Les and his wife),hang out and enjoy one of Flybills beer brat's, and watch Mumbles casting demos :rolleyes: on Steve's beautiful property.
    And to top it off the weather is going to be perfect today which makes this even harder for me to post so i'll just get to the point.
    Due to another committment that I thought I could finalize by this week has not happened so i'm not going to make it to the gathering today bawling:

    Enjoy the weather guys!

  17. What is best way to get there coming from DuPont?
  18. Well it's over and many people missed out on a great day, Les and Carol were there and very much enjoyed by all and so great to hear how Les is doing and the things he has to tell. Carol is very charming and really a fly fisher herself. They were wonderful and stayed for some time. Leland was his usual self and shoed up early to make sure he got fed and had lots of input to the conversation and the casting. Many who signed up didn't show but some sent their flies. What a great time fhor those who came and sorry to those who didn't. We can't wait to do it again. Oppz and many thanks to Kelvin and Steve for Puttihg it togeather.
  19. Great times, great people, my entire family had a wonderful time. Thanks for hosting Steve, and for the suggestion/swap Kelvin. It was good meeting a few new friends and enjoying a few hours with old friends. Truly great to see each and every one of you, thank you all.
  20. Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day with a great bunch of guys! Thanks Steve and Kelvin. Great food, great company, great conversation and the most rods outside of a fly shop I've ever seen!


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