Puget Sound Face to Face Fly Swap and Casting Gathering

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. It was truly a great time. I enjoyed everyone and the food, pulled pork, chicken, all of it, was great. We could't have asked for a better day unless those of you who fiished had caught fish. The kids all had a great time, the flies are outstanding and the equipment was everywhere. The demos were very enlightening and Mumbles, that rope thingy was really cool. I really nenjoyed meeting Les and Carol; nice people and even got Les to autograph his book. I'll have to but another copy as this one goes in the cabinet. My wish is for a speedy recovery so we can have him back on the water soon. Once more to everybody, thanks for sharing with us. Let's do it again!
  2. I had a great time as well, and kudos to Steve and Kelvin for masterminding a great afternoon that lasted all the way until twilight. It was also great to meet more people who post on the boards. Leland shared casting tips and fly rods. The food was great..... I learned a little more about how other anglers tie sea-run flies -- and Leland gave me some low-water steelhead flies to test out on the Deschutes. I hope everyone catches at least one fish on the A.K. Best mysis pattern I tied. And, of course, it was great to see Les and Carol. Mumbles is a great guy -- who is lucky to have such a wonderful family.
    By the way, I have photos of Kelvin fishing, one of Steve's boys casting a switch rod and Leland surveying the scene.
    It was worth the drive from Hood River -- good times....
  3. I really really wanted to go to this gig, but had a fishing obligation that had been planned a good month in advance or more. So I fished for native cutthroat in a lake. Lots of small fish, but the strongest native cutts you will ever find. Here is a pic of a friends 18" native. My largest was 15" for the day and another friend landed a 17" native. Glad you all had a good time. Hope I can meet up another time. Callibaetis hatch was amazing as usual...
  4. I'd like to do it again in August so I'm thinking about hosting a steelhead fly swap or something like that. I'll keep you all posted. It truly was a great day for a get together.

    Chester, I'd love to have the pictures if you could e-mail them to me. We keep a scrap book for the kids so that would be a nice addition. Thanks for coming. It was good to see you again.
  5. I had a great time and was so pleased to meet & put faces to the names of some on the board, Steve and Kelvin, thank you so much for putting this together. It was really great to meet Les & Carol. I just wish I had brought my book for him to sign. Thank you Chester for all the good advice. Those of you who didn't show missed a really great time and more importantly didn't get any of my poorly tied flies.

  6. Steve I will orginize the swap you provide the place and time lets do it again
    Ity was a really wonderful time

  7. I wondered what that carboard WFF sign meant when I drove by that afternoon on the way home. Now I know. I live up on top of the hill a bit South of you. Have to go up 21st to get to my house. I didn't realize a WFF'r lived so close by. Wish I would have caught this event. I would have liked to picked Les's head about SRC's in the Grays Harbor area where I grew up. I think I read somewhere he worked for the local newspaper (Aberdeen World)....long time ago. It would have been an interesting day...sorry I didn't realize it was going on.
  8. Glad I made it down! What a beautiful place to spend the day, smoke too many cigars and meet up with some new and old friends from the board. It was a pleasure meeting Carol and seeing Les in person and I look forward to the next event or just getting out and fishing with any of you guys! You all have an open invite to come up north and fish the "S" rivers or meet up on the beaches up here too!

    Jason, please post your chicken recipe! Everything was amazing and I can't remember who made the pulled pork, but I want that one too! You gave Jerry D. a run for his money with that!

    I'll post some pictures, once I get them off my phone on the board (in my gallery) and on Facebook for those of you who use it.

    Leland, you should see if you can get one of the new Helios speys in the gear program for Chris and that Vector line! I'll hang onto it for June 2014 though! :)

    Last, sign me up for the steelhead swap! I may just start to tie them tonight so I don't have any excuses for not getting them done.

  9. Yep, wonderful way to spend a beautiful afternoon on the Sound. Wish I could have got out into the water but everything else was great, and I now have plenty of flies/tips to go catch some fish. Thanks all for the food, advice, flies, etc. Count me in for the steelhead swap!


  10. Les talked alot about his experiences growing up In Gray's Harbor

    we will have tio invite him back in August if he can come
    this event was really great
    thank you everyone who contributed shared and came
    this is a really great community

    Glad you saw the signs
  11. Hey anyone got pictures that they haven't posted? would like to see them. please

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