Puget Sound Face to Face Fly Swap and Casting Gathering

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    Gathering is at Steve's place address to follow
    May 15th Saturday
    starting at noon and going till Steve throws us out

    Love to have people willing to demo two handed casting
    Tying techniques
    eat some BBQ and generally have a great time
    thinking of some place like Lyons Park on the water
    (open to other Ideas)

    Swap your favorite Sea Run Cutthroat or Salmon Fly

    A number of you have asked me to teach a Flatwing class so I would be happy to demo those

    Maybe find a way to have this benefit Project Healing Waters have some veterans come have a chance to fly fish Puget Sound

    What would you like to contribute?

    We see each other on here all the time
    Why not meet face to face learn from each other have a good time and make a difference
  2. I know a place where we can have it. It doesn't have a lot of parking, as you know but there's plenty of place to lawn cast, a BBQ, tables, and there are two or three of the 10X10 canopies and depending on time and tide the flat out front goes out about 200 feet and a half mile wide. :thumb:
  3. I have never participated in any of these but feel it is high time to get off my fat booty and do it - but my schedule limits me to the weekend. I can bring an 8/9 switch rod, some single handed home built lines that work pretty well, some flys if I know which ones you want, my tying stuff, and would love to check out the flat wings. Also food, beverage, or cash.
    If this is a swap- I could look in Les's book and tie something up.
  4. Once you pick a date if i'm in town I'll be there, sounds like a good idea.
  5. I'm in!
  6. Sounds like a great idea to me! Perhaps someone could show me how to play around with my new switch. However I too am limited to weekends.

  7. I'm in, pretty flexible on time and location.
  8. Sure sounds good to me. I need to meet people and find my way around.
    Also it sure would be nice to have someone to fish with oonce in a while.
    Set a time and I'll do my best, I'm tying as best I can from Les's book too.
    Am also flexible on dates and time.
  9. Sounds like an idea I can't refuse Kelvin.
    Lyons park sounds like an interesting place..I don't think i've been there before.
  10. Seems Lions Park in Bremerton has just closed for a year long renovation. Should still be able to walk the shore to fish it but the grounds will be less accessible as they remove pavement and create a more natural park experience. Evergreen Park in Bremerton could be a site, lots of grounds but the beach is less ideal than at Lions.
  11. thanks I will see what'a available there
  12. Scenic beach in seabeck would be a nice place and wouldn't be crowded. I think they have a comunity building we could possibly reserve.
  13. I'd love to go; any weekend in April or May works for me! I'm definitely interested in the fly swap... I just started tying and haven't tied much for saltwater, but could definitely tie up some reverse spiders or any other simple pattern which you all suggest. Also would love to help out with the veterans -- I've done some stuff with PHW in the past and had a blast. Looking forward to fishing with you all!
  14. do we have a date yet?

    im good after the 9th of april

    right now i am working for commercial fisherman
    y'all think that's ironic?

    voting for west side of sound
  15. Sounds good. I'm in depending on the date. I'll probably bring the grommet as well. He likes sitting around bullshitting about fishing, so he'll fit right in.
  16. good this community is lacking bullsh-ters for sure
  17. My problem is I know so little of any of these places. I'm willing to go many places but know nothing about them. Steve I've heard you have a nice place, one that can be fished from and space. Some of us were at Lions park in Bremerton awhile back but the beach and water didn't impress me even though there's grass space. I've been to the one they call docs or Narrows Park which is all beach and fair parking but maybe not enough if we have many come. I don't find Evergreen on my map but I find Illahee and Seabeck and Manchester and Kitsap memorial and Salsbury point and Mumbles back yard. I just have no way to know if any of these would work and how far others would be able to travel although we could car pool. Steves is on the east side I think but the others I named are on the west side. Others of you must know more so choose and pick a date that doesn't have something else going and lets figure out what we need to bring. I'm so slow I'll take that long to tie a few flies and won't know my favorite untill I catch something on one. Do we need to say what we're tying. good luck all!
  18. Have you considered Titlow Beach in Tacoma? Fair fishing, good parking, lots of grass and best of all the Beach Tavern right there.
  19. My place is actually in the middle - Dash Point. There probably aren't a lot of fish right now as runs don't get going until mid June here but I think the object is to swap, trade stories, eat some BBQ and drink some beverages, tie some interesting flies, and then time and weather permitting, do either some lawn casting or water casting. It doesn't matter to me where but I do have the space and the beach, tide permitting, is pretty big. There are parking lots on eithr side within a few hundred yards each way for beach work after the business at hand. I'd be pleased to open my place for you guys as it probably doesn't get the usage we would like. There's no charge to anyone, of course, as we don't rent it out. We just enjoy sharing the place with others.
  20. Steve's place is an awesome option if we have favorable tides. The beach is wide and tapers slowly, easy to walk and wade for anyone of any wading skill level. His place sits pretty high atop a hill so you have to either park to the north or south to walk to this beach on flat approach or be able to hike down his property lot to the beach and back up. His place is truly in an amazing spot that should merit considering it for a location for a gathering.

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