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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Michael Dunn, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Maybe I could have posted this in the classifieds as wtb but right now just looking for input.
    Window shopping the classifieds for a under 20' puget sound boat. I think 16-18 would be just right.
    Would never probably be more then 2 people. Want to keep it simple and utilitarian. Outboard prefered. I think aluminum would be best but not ruling out glass.Want something with a top so as to get out of the wind and rain occasionally. Would like to keep it around 5k or even less. Any advice on what to look for? What to avoid? Is my budget realistic? Thanks
  2. The exchange rate sucks but I found some great deals when I was shopping for a used boat just across the border. You may give that a try too.
  3. check craigslist. there are some sweet center consoles on there... 5 k and you have some options.
  4. Thanks. Have been looking on Craigs and have seen some boats that I would like. I guess one of my concerns is that I plop down 5k and then have to put a new o.b. on. What's some good tips on checking the o.b. out?

    Good tip on checking out on the other side of the border.

  5. Good tip Jeremy.
    I looked on Vancouver BC's craigslist and saw some decent deals.
    How much of a pain is it to bring a boat across the boarder and change titles etc.
  6. really easy if you have all the reciepts

    took less than an hour for the inspection and paperwork
  7. sent you a separate e mail but make sure you at least look at Duroboat
  8. Outboards are expensive. I don't really know how you'd check out an outboard with out taking it out on the water. I'd be concern about how old the motor was, and how many hours it has on it if unable to do a sea trial with it. Is it a 2 stroke or 4 stroke? Many newer boats are using 4 strokes now. If looking at a 4 stroke, I don't think you'd go wrong with a Yamaha or Honda. But, they are not cheap either. 2 stroke, I'd stick with Johnson, Evenrude, or a Merc. Those are the engines that I grew up with. :)

  9. Yes, that's my main concern on buying a used boat, getting an outboard that's been well maintained, flushed out with fresh water, etc. They are spendy. I would like to stay at 40hp or less for fuel economy as well. If I found th right deal on a boatwithout motor I'd consider that and buy a new o,b.
    Thanks. Agree on Yamaha or Hondaa for new.
  10. 13' Boston whaler montauk. Best saltwater boat ever. End of discussion.
  11. This is my two cents. I love Whalers and aluminum boats, but you are totally out in the elements. More and more I'm seeing wise buyers picking out older boats (not dropping the customary 40k) and attaching nice 4 stroke Honda's. Really when you think about it glass older boats are bullet proof. They are partially, or mainly enclosed but if not, they at least can be. The motor is removable so if you decide to upgraded in a year, you take that with you and sell the boat separately. Plus being that they are a bit heavier, helps the ride. Plus, plus, it helps to have the width the of the gunwale for attaching down riggers. plus, plus, plus,battery storage and a place down below to take a (you know what) if you had to........ It just make a lot of sense. I like fishing in the sound, I have been doing it all my life and Will continue. I also search craigslist daily for boats, (not that I can afford one), but if I could, I would get an (and this is more than 5k) Arima. They are locally built, in Auburn I hear.....
    my .02
    F. :eek:
  12. I think that your advice Frank is spot on. Worth more then 2 cents even. I've only begun to look and I was thinking aluminum primarily because of weight and ease of launching solo and towing, although I live about 6 miles from the launch on Vashon so towing's not too big of deal with my v-6 Tacoma.
    Not totally hung up on aluminum.
    I saw the boat you linked to on craigs and it piqued my interest although I still want to stay down in the 40-50 hp range but maybe that's not a reality for the boat I'm lookin for.

    There was an 18' aluminum Spectrum on Craigs a week ago but it's gone.
    Anyone know about those?

  13. Frank's advise is spot on. Buying a solid hull looking to repower can be the cheapest way to get into boating with a solid dependable outfit but as always the buyer needs to be careful and fully check the hull out.

    Don't forget to look closely at the trailer and whether you need to replace etc. While the cheapest of the 3 componments it is true bummer to be broken down along the freeway and believe me that if it happens it will almost certainly be at the most difficutl spot on the way to the launch.

    One advantage aluminum has over glass is the ligher weight which may be as much of an issue in powering the boat (you can get away with a smaller OB on the lighter boat) as towing it.

    As always one enters the boating arena it is compromises and more compromises. Suggest that you develop a lists of absolute needs, wants, and secondary considerations and use that to compare potential outfits. I shopped for two years for my "retirement boat" and two and half years later with lots of hard use I have not regrets.

    Tight lines
  14. I like Boston Whalers too. Owned a 17 foot Montauk with a 70 hp Johnson. My wife and I camped off of it one year in the San Juans. Even though it was open, it has a full canvas cover to enclose the occupants. That was neat, but, it was custom. Good memories with that boat.

    For a Puget Sound boat, I've thought that the C-Dory's were kind of a sweet little boat with a small cabin/wheel house on it. However, I can see we're starting to get out of teh 5K budget here.

    Wish you well on your search....

  15. Micheal, this is a good one too. I personally like the enclosed cabin, as opposed to an open bow. The enclosed cabin lets ya lock up the reels, rods and downriggers. Sorry but I can't stop looking. :beathead::beathead:
  16. I know. I've been eyeballing that one and emailing the gent a couple times. Trouble is I'm in the U.P. all week and not able to act on it. I can't stop looking either freind. That's about what I'm looking for though. If the motor has some life left in it I would think it's a pretty fair deal.

  17. Take it to a shop. Have the compression checked, especially on those old 2 strokers, Have the drive and seals checked. Pull the cover of the case and look for corrosion. If the heads on the bolts or screws look corroded, walk away. Ask for records, when was the last tune up? If the motor is over 5 years old, when was the last time the rubber was checked and/or replaced? Pull the spark plugs, are they a nice golden color or are they black as cole? Ask the guy to fire it up. If he doesn't have a set of earmuffs to hook up to a garden hose, walk! Does it smoke really bad after running for 5 minutes? does it stall at a low idle? Does it vibrate excessivly or sound like it is missing? Is there fresh grease on all of the hinges? Ask what brand of fuel premix he used If he doesn't know or if it is the garbage used in a weedwhacker walk. Dude a new motor is going to cost you a lot more than 5 large. Look for a refurbished used moter from a good marina or shop that will stand behind their work. Good luck man!

    Also, I forgot. If you're going to use in in the salt, you need 2 motors not one. Make sure you get a dependable kicker.
  18. I had a 15 whaler super sport with a 75 Suzuki and a 6 Suzuki and it was an awesome puget sound boat. Big enough for some rough stuff but small enough to launch off the beach if you had to. I took mine everywhere, South Sound, Port Townsend, Sekiu, Grays Harbor, you name it it did it.

    Had a 17 also but the 15 was sooo easy to manage by ones self. Wish I still had it...

  19. Good advice above, Have it checked if you can. My other 2 cent's is, if it comes with an older 2 stroke, great, as long as it runs good. You can pick those up pretty checp if it quits. But, pick up a nice 9.9 Honda or even a 15 for a kicker, only would get a 4 stroke here. That smoke just ruins a trip sometimes with headaches.
    Michael, Ya that is a good one. Is the U.P. upper penn?.....if so, are you fishing?

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