FS Puget Sound Fly Co burglary

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Anil, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Anil

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    Last night our flyshop was burglarized. The thieves took a number of Sage and G-Loomis single hand as well as two handed rods. They also made off with numerous reels from: Lamson, Ross, Tibor, Abel, Echo, Redington, Sage, and Saracione.
    I will be updating this as a more specific inventory is counted. In the meantime, I would ask that anyone who is offered a great deal on new fly fishing gear (particularly ‘new’ rods and reels without original cases or socks) please be aware this may be stolen and contact us.
  2. obiwankanobi

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    This is terrible news and I will be on the lookout online.
  3. yellowlab

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    That sucks rotten eggs! Sorry to hear, will keep a lookout, hope your insurance covers the losses. Do you have serial #'s for the missing rods?
  4. hikepat

    hikepat Patrick

    Sorry to hear that Anil.
    Yellowlab do fly rods and reels even have serial numbers
    If so we all should record the numbers for the ones in our collections
    I never noticed any numbers but I rarely look that closely at my gear, I just use it and clean it once in a while. When using it I prefer to look at every thing but the gear.
    Hopefully the buggers will get caught
  5. aplTyler

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    Most US made rods have serial numbers... I'm sure high end reels are marked somewhere (I don't own any high-end rods/reels though...)
  6. LD

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    Sorry to hear about that. It is hard enough for small businesses to make it without these type of issues.
  7. Denny

    Denny Active Member

    As noted by others, the upper end US made rods and reels typically have serial #'s.

    This just sucks a big one. I hope we can find the culprit(s). You know they are likely familiar with fly fishing, to the extent they targeted certain products.
  8. YAMMY

    YAMMY Member

    Please list the serial numbers of the Saracione reels when you figure it out as I am looking for one and do not want to buy a stolen item-other than if it is listed at a very low price it would be hard to tell.Over the years I have bought several reels and sold several without boxes etc as they are often misplaced-lost thrown out etc.
  9. Rich Morrison

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    I copied and pasted your post to a couple of other fly fishing sites I frequent. Hopefully the word gets out they nab these jerks.
  10. flyfisher98052

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    Anil, Sorry to hear about your loss. As stuff comes up let's also forward it on facebook. As you get serial nos or other info, I would be happy to forward it to fly clubs through the fff. If you have any other ideas, let me know how I can help. This kind of crap infuriates me. People work too hard to make it these days to get ripped off.
    Pat Peterman
  11. Rich Morrison

    Rich Morrison Member

    Good call in the facebook idea. Any and all further info (serial #s etc) I will post on the other sites as well. I agree - this sort of thing infuriates me.
  12. teedub

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    There is a guy around who has an email list of pawnshops he mails to. If I can find it he may not give it up but I will send along your message to him. I report back if I track him down.
  13. isaacfab

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    Isn't this the second time this happened?
  14. yellowlab

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    Anil, just saw a post on CL, in Tacoma, may want to email from a rogue address and follow up, seems odd without case and two reels for $450.

    G Loomis NRX 9' #6 Four piece Fly Rod. As G loomis said on there website "This is the Best Fly Rod Ever Built!" Period!!
    ROSS CLA #3 Fly reel.
    WATERWORKS...ULA Force 3 Fly Reel Wt. 3.35oz

    This Fly Gear has never been used and retails for over $1,300.00 (feel free to look it up).
    Back problems force sale.
    Loomis Rod does not have case. (sorry)

    Location: Tacoma
    it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  15. 0101tj

    0101tj Member

    If I had a NRx I wouldn't have lost the case no line on reel sounds fishy better ask him if he has any more ! Sting time
  16. Thomas Williams

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    Yes you are very right, Please no one purchase or try to be a hero or spook this guy. Let Anil handle it!
  17. orangeradish

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    Beat. His. Ass.
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  18. Richard Torres

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    +1.... With a cane stick!

    Any recent news of this event, has anything been recovered?
  19. Zeb Stadler

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  20. Okie

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    Man I hope they catch the jerk or jerks.