Puget Sound Steelhead Petition

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by ospreysteelhead, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Hillbilly Redneck

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    I hooked a couple of brats today. The only legal opportunity I have close to home. I ain't signing shit.
  2. Jerry White

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    signed. Thx, Ospreysteelhead.
  3. gt

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    challenging the boldt decision is an unnecessary distraction. the focus, right now, should be on enforcing the law. we have ESA listed fishes which are being harvested as 'bi-catch' right now. NOAA's NMFS need to be held accountable for this law breaking. and that is only going to happen if the litigation path is taken. so how many of you conservation minded folks would throw $50 in the pot to get this rolling, assuming a recognized 501C3 was behind it?

    or, lets say the bi-catch % is 30% of the total harvest, then lets change the sport quota to allow the same 'bi-catch' %age. think anyone would complain?
  4. Leopardbow

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