Puget sound "stinger" clouser swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Pat Lat, May 30, 2014.

  1. Here's what I'll be sending in.
    IMGP0093.JPG IMGP0095.JPG
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  2. Not 30 count fibers, but they will be just fine, the muted colors look very good under water.

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  3. Damn, sorry I missed out on this one. Nice looking ties, all.
  4. I think the 30 bucktail fibers was for flatwings so you're ok Eyejuggler

  5. Dang it, I counted on mine... I promise. Ok I might have been off by 1 or 20, but it's close.

    Alexander, I love that red slash, but why on the top of the fly versus the bottom of the fly?
  6. Oh, I sent mine in today by the way.
  7. He tied them upsidedown and said "oh shit" afterwards
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  8. This year's coho run is going to be so drunk they will think they are feeding on cutthroat
  9. Irafly, I was trying something else but not sure I pulled it off. Some bait fish like Sand lance have that shimmery pearly pink tint on the upper part of their gill plates. I was trying to mimic this but had trouble doing that on a clouser pattern. So I thought more along the lines of get it in the vicinity of where it should be on the fly but since (for me) it was hard to duplicate i thought this way it serves as a general attractor point on the fly.

    See this pic, 2nd fish down, the pinkish tint seems more on top then bottom.

    Additionally after thinking about it IMHO however effective clousers are they're really off when it come to proportional it relates to eye location to any baitfish I've ever seen. But they work, so I thought, what's one more thing out of place gonna do? ;). :D
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  10. I guess I could have said that it was supposed to mimic a fly with a head shot. Too many beers would have been a great excuse as well, but nope, it was intentional, though near the end I had to remind myself why I did it. :D
  11. I was just informed that the 2nd fish was a surf smelt. :). Learned something new but yeah, got the idea from 2nd pic.
  12. We have a LOT of surf smelt down here. Excellent forage to mimic to target halibut, sand bass etc
  13. first one is done. 100x better than i thought it would be

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  15. these flies are awesome - all of them
  16. Excellent Golfman! I find swaps are a great opportunity to learn and force myself to learn as I stated earlier, looks like you are doing great and I look forward to seeing all the flies!
    Mine will go out this week.
  17. Mine just need to be packaged up.
  18. Just sent them off with return label and appropriate postage. Thanks again for hosting this Pat, looking forward to seeing all the coolness :)

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  19. Just got back from the post office :D Flies are off to the swapmeister
  20. Sweet, pulled tony and ira's flies out of the mailbox today. Looking good so far.

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