Puget sound "stinger" clouser swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Pat Lat, May 30, 2014.

  1. Irafly

    Irafly Active Member

    I unfortunately shipped mine out without the obligatory toe tag and the couple of extra swapmeister flies I intended to give you.
  2. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

    Mine went out today - toe tags included.
  3. Tony

    Tony Left handed Gemini.

    Oh oh mine were also lacking toe tags
  4. CLO

    CLO Boats and cohos

    Good looking flies guys.
  5. golfman44

    golfman44 Coho Queen

    I left my toe tags off so nobody can blame me for the ugly flies in this swap
  6. Alexander

    Alexander Fishon

    Ugly or not, if they're good enough for a strike from a fish they should be good enough me for anyone who actually spends time on the water.
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  7. Blake Harmon

    Blake Harmon Active Member

    Mine went out this morning tagged. Chartruese over pink with chatruese eyes and thread and lots of flash. Cant wait to see the goodies!
  8. plaegreid

    plaegreid Saved by the buoyancy of citrus

    Just dropped my fugly little guys of with pat; I too forgot the toe tags. Mine will be the ones with edgebrite bodies.
  9. Pat Lat

    Pat Lat Mad Flyentist

    They're actually my favorite so far, super fishy. Got a few more in the mail the other day. Eyejuggler, Alexander, golfman, and rob asts, all nice. I think you guys will really like robs, coho candy for sure.
    And don't worry, ill toetag em real quick before I send them out.
  10. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Pat. Just playing around with some of the more UV end of the spectrum for those early morning hours.
  11. Finished! Better late than never.

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  12. Another pic. image.jpg
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  13. stilly stalker

    stilly stalker Tuna sniffer

    Those will all fish!!
  14. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

    Pat, where do we stand on these? Prime season is inching closer.
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  15. Pat Lat

    Pat Lat Mad Flyentist

    Just picked up comeonsounders flies this weekend, I will get pics and get them in the mail by wed.
  16. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

  17. Tony

    Tony Left handed Gemini.

    Got mine this morning (just checked my mail), thanks guys, nice looking flies will be breaking in a couple this morning.

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