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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. it is very weird looking at the list of people who are logged on and not recognizing 1/2 of them anymore. like anything else new it will take time to get used to.
  2. I'll keep mattzoid and still sign with my full name. I do it on every site anyway. Oh forget it, please change it to my full name. BTW, my join date is Aug. of 2002. Not that I give a rip, but it got changed during a server switch when I updated my profile. Thanks Chris.
  3. Please change mine to Desmond Wiles
  4. My name is Mike Wade.Go ahead and change my user name.This new forum is working great.No delays in bringing up the threads.
  5. You can change mine, too, Chris, I'm Rob Blomquist.
  6. I'm all for it. Good idea, Chris.

  7. Chris,
    Looks like there is already another "Don Johnson" (strange). Let's try Donald Johnson.

  8. Ok, change it from tonymull to Tony Mull.
  9. Due to the legalities enforced by the witness protection program I am enrolled in this is not acceptable.

    Dennis Cordova

    Oh Damn! I meant (Spanishfly)....
  10. Full Name

    Good job on the new site. No problems here. Maybe it is time to remind us of the "MAKE A DONATION" button on the front of the site. Or, maybe we are already a generous bunch and the cash is flowing at an appropriate rate.

    You can change my user name to my full name, Chris Bailey. Thanks.
  11. I'm having an identity crisis...

    I don't know... :confused: I hate to give up my handle when it seems to elicit a giggle. Like: "What's 'ceviche' mean?" "It's a piquant seafood cocktail made of fish that gets cooked using lime juice acids..." "I thought so..." :D Besides, I've always viewed myself as having a "piquant" personality. Definition: "Agreeably pungent to the taste."--Webster's. :p

    Just the same, I'll sign-off with my real name from now on--for those who don't already know it.

    --Dave Eriksen

    BTW, I don't really look like a "Dave Eriksen." Just ask Bhudda.
  12. I haven't done much posting (or, alas, fishing) lately, but you're welcome to change "Fish Recycler" to Teeg Stouffer.
  13. How do you feel knowing that I like to eat ceviche? Its one of my favored Mexican treats. I rather doubt that you look like fish, stewed in lime juice with a liberal amount of onion, tomato, and chili. Because if that can walk, I am leaving town.

    I don't look like a Rob Blomqvist from Sweden, and I don't care. Get with it dude.
  14. On top of that one, Chief. I like hats, too.
  15. Chris, here's a question

    Is our handle always ours? Or once we switch to our name, we lose our moniker? I just don't want someone signing up and taking Steelheader69 (not that they would, but just if). If we always have it saved to our account, that's great. If not, I would want mine switched back, and will put my name on the bottom like Roper did (think it was Roper). Not worried about anyone wanting my real name. LOL. If they did, more power to them. LOL

    (chris) Yes, you would loose your moniker and it would be available for others to use. If it comes to it I'll take care of it Jerry. SH69 is yours bro. (chris)
  16. Like a few others I don't post often but read every day. Tim Ugaldea--bascoe was always easier for people to pronounce. ;)
  17. Chris could you change mine from innskeeper to Craig M.
  18. Wait a tic Chris

    I just saw that pic of the hat. I must've totally overlooked it. I want one!!! What colors are they coming in? Or just the creme (or white, can't tell)? I'll probably buy two. LOL.

    (chris) just the creme / tan this order. I've only got 50 to start with but next order I'll mix it up with some more tan, a coffee color off some type and black. (chris)
  19. Ok. I’ll peel back the Major Geek super hero mask to reveal myself as merely Paul Huffman.
  20. yep, definately want one of those bad boys, hat that is.

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