WFF Put Your Name Where Your Mouth Is

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Clay Carney

  2. Please change mine from Harbor Reator to Jim Hagenau. Thanks Jim
  3. Freedon is really Don Freeman.

    Go ahead and change it, but I was SO proud of having thought up my own code name. I may add an avatar, but the prospect still makes my hands clammy.
  4. Update me please :)

    J.Michelle Swope

    Thanks for doing this Chris!
  5. Change mine to Rick Todd
  6. Chris:

    Please change and consolidate my two usernames to Brad Niemeyer.


  7. Karl Shaffer (aka Upton O Good) here. Great suggestion.
  8. Change mine to Andrew Peoples...thanks.
  9. Jim Ficklin, formerly known as koja48. Please change. Thanks, Chris!
  10. Greg Armstrong formerly signed in as GregA
  11. Chris Frazier Wishiniwasfishin09
  12. You can change my name its Jeremy Logsdon :beer1:
  13. Hey can I get my name changed too? Thanks!

    Trevor Darlington
  14. Tremellon to Conor Giorgi
  15. Woodfan = Jim Kaiserman
  16. Here's a tough one,

    robast = rob ast
  17. David57 as in the year I was born. Sign me Dave Morriss.
  18. Go for it. Brad Nickel to replace derfliegenfischeR (German for fly fisherman, I am a quarter German, so I had gone back to my roots HEH-HEH!).
  19. You can change my alias from "Letemgo" to my real name: Jay Burman. I guess now I'll have to be more polite online.:eek:
  20. Please change my name from "Allan h" to my full name "Allan Heer"


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