WFF Put Your Name Where Your Mouth Is

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Chris:
    Go for it!
    I've wanted to change it for a while, but haven't had the time to ask.

    Richard Torres :thumb:
  2. Name Change

    Jim Jenkins
    aka: WishinIWasFishin

    For those interested I took 4th place in the Everett Coho Derby, 15.92 lbs.
    Sorry to say it wasn't on a fly but I wasn't using bait either. I have gone to using spoons almost exclusively, less mess! I do occassionly drag a fly behind the boat, right in the prop wash, what a hoot!

  3. John Kelly - R68773...Thanks !
  4. Y Princesses?

    Owah! Tagu! Siam!

    Hiya Skaloosh!

  5. My name is Kevin Harris.
  6. Count me in

    Bookie becomes Frank Glaspey
  7. change user name


    No problem. You can change to Randy Buske.
  8. Change mine too, thanks dude!

    Peter Pancho
  9. Change mine to Charlie Mastro formally known as Chuckfish
  10. Oh, what the hell! Put me down as Florian Leischner.
    All of the sudden I feel so exposed !
  11. bennettb56 is Brian Bennett
  12. Fine with me. My name is Ken Hunter
  13. My name is Sky Dunphy
  14. Awww, heck.....why not???

    There once was a guy named Piscivore,
    who wanted to be known by this name no more,
    so he asked Chris Scoones if from now on he could be
    known by his real name, Gabriel Burgi.

    Thanks Mr. Scoones. :thumb:
  15. ID change


    Please change my ID to Brent Comer.

  16. Bekezela is Andrew Campbell
    Thanks Chris
  17. My name is Rick Price, go ahead and make the change :thumb:
  18. here, here. . .

    Jeremy Husby

  19. Mostly known as POPS but old fart gets worked in often....

    david oconnor :cool:
  20. Chris,
    I never got around to having my user name changed to my name. My name is Kevin Kraxberger and my ID is krax. Thanks.

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