WFF Put Your Name Where Your Mouth Is

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. I'm Daryle Holmstrom, aka retiredfish, retired commercial fisherman , some might have an issue with that.

  2. OK change mine from trouty151 to Zac Clark. Thanks.
  3. I'll bite

    Fishstick to Mark Kulikov

    So let it be let it be done.
  4. Chris,
    Change mine from Papa Moon to Mike Kibbee.
    Thanks for all of your hard work on this great site.
  5. I love reading this site;)
    Rick Newcomb
  6. A little late at this

    Denny Wagenman aka digger
  7. Chris,
    ht75 to Sloan Craven.
  8. Hi Chris,
    Would like to change to Ed D
  9. I'd like to use my real name. It's William Femmer.
  10. Wow. I just found this thread...

    I'm Eric Blankenship.

    Thanks Chris!
  11. Set me up too...the angler formerly known as chevyguy
    Josh Benjamin
  12. Well I guess I better jump in here and change mine from flytosser to Jim Jones. Since speyfisher and I have the same name I better be first. :p

    Jim Jones
  13. you can change me from brandonb to Brandon Bleek. Thanks!
  14. Hey Ken, so do you want your username changed from K2, to "Ken Hill II" - wasn't quite clear....
  15. Im tired of Trout990, change it to Rory McMahon
  16. Sorry ibn, i was under influence of mr. beam himself. please change to "ken" thanks bro.
  17. "ken" is already being used.
  18. Try ken II. Thanks chris
  19. Mark Ritari for Mritari... thanks chris!
  20. Sean Maney, AKA "Redneck". I kind of liked my moniker though. I got it not from being an inbred hick with a drawl (I can say that cause I really am from GA, not inbred though :) ) but from many days on the saltwater flats off the pan handle of Florida catching spotted drum (redfish). They were my favorite fish to catch while there. Real bulls, brutes. Long, reel punishing runs, followed by the most exquisite table fare.... a real delicacy. Anyway, all my friends called me that cause I was so damn good at catching those redfish.........

    I would like to know how to edit my personal info. I see many people with pictures attached to their names. I'd like add one to my profile.

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