Put your pfd on before you launch into a river

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Wallace, Mar 25, 2014.

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    I suppose this other tragedy (that I mention here) has been eclipsed by the magnitude of Stilly slide disaster, but a 79 year old fisherman was lost on the Bogachiel River last Friday when the driftboat he and his 54 year old fishing partner were in got pushed into brush and overhanging trees immediately after launching. The boat took on water, and the 54 year old swam to shore. The other angler stayed with the swamped boat, and was last seen "clinging to a life vest." (Sounds like it was at the fish hatchery launch).
    His body hasn't yet been found. I've been following this story in the Peninsula Daily News.
    The phrase "clinging to a life vest" says it all. If he'd actually been wearing the thing, he might have survived. In fact, if he'd had it on and properly adjusted, I'll bet that he probably would have survived.
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    I was out there when this happened.
    Never like seeing search helicopters flushing around.
    A friend of mine help look for the gentleman but last I heard he still hasn't been found. The boat ended up down near the ice box hole.
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    I don't care hold old/young you are but when you drive up to a river you should be look-able to say ... "Not today." AND yes I'm a short click from 72. Even my Yellow Lab knows better than to walk/wade in that kind of water.

    You want to do something really stupid around water ... Mom Nature doesn't care .. but She can charge a heavy price.

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    According to the Peninsula Daily News reports the younger man threw a life jacket to the older man as he was struggling away in the current. I think that this happened at the Hatchery ramp. The water at that Bogachiele ramp is moving very fast. Please, always wear a life jacket, properly fitted and fastened, when on and in the water.
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    There are always things that can be learned from accurate reporting river accident reporting - and this will be out to the river rescue community in a few months.

    Remember the four questions:

    1. What are the moves to get from point A to point B?
    2. Do I have the ability to make the moves?
    3. What are the consequences if I don't make the moves?
    4. Am I willing to accept the consequences?

    In this case, from the trouble at the launch, it doesn't sound like they knew the answer to #1.
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    I've launched on the Bogy at the fish hatchery with a friend, but in lower flows. We had to walk the drift boat out from the launch as far as possible. My fishing partner, who owns the boat and was rowing, was already seated and on the oars ready to pull, before I hopped in. We had the boat oriented the way we wanted it. Right off, even though he was pulling hard, we almost got pushed back into the bankside vegetation. That launch can be trickier than it looks to a first timer.
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    That is exactly how we launch there as well. I've seen a number of people not get on the sticks fast enough and end up in the trees and brush just downstream.

    Coming down for a takeout can be an issue for some folks as well. There used to be a tree that hung out over the river but someone removed it.
    You really can't even see the ramp until you are right on it. You need to hug the right back as you get closer to the ramp.
    I've seen a number of folks miss it. They either go on down to Wilson's or walk their boats back up into the lower Dimmel hole and take another shot at it.
    In really high water you can always let someone out up above so they can grab the boat once it approaches the ramp.
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    Have a young fellow here who thinks he/boats are the bee's knees. I won't get in one with him; I have no desire to end up as a statistic.
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    They found the fellow who drown in the Bogey yesterday.