Quail shot size?

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by andrew, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Are 6's overkill for quail?
  2. Yup, stick with 7's or 7 1/2's...IMHO. And don't forget about the non-tox rules this year...read up on your regs.
  3. Unless it's one big ass quail!! I use 6's for pheasants. Roper's got the recipe, 7's or 7 1/2's.
  4. If you are in chukar/quail country what I do is use 7.5s in the chamber followed by 6s. I dont prefer to shoot quail with 6s but I'd rather be ready for the chukars and overkill for the quail.
  5. Quail are my favorite upland bird and I shoot 71/2's unless, as others have said, there is a good chance of larger upland birds in the area.
  6. Thanks all!

    David - exactly why I threw the box of 6's in my ammo can...

    Roper - I was able to punch out 37 rounds of NICE #7.5 (1 ounce loads) out of the tiny ass little bag I bought...these I'm saving for the 'clean' areas. As well I cranked out 2 boxes of 1 ounce #8 too.

    Since I'm bringing my 11-48 I'll load the first two rounds with #8 and the third with a #6. If we bump more huns/chukar (supposedly are in the area we intend on walking) I'll switch to 6's.

    Searching for this answer on google I came across an article that seemed really backasswards...basically when able to use lead you should shoot #9 for ultimate pattern density and that what you loose in pellet effectiveness/velocity related to distance is made up by more pellets on target. The guy went on to say he hunts phesants with #9 and takes them from 20-35 yards! This seems sketchy to me.

    Good luck all!

  7. Andrew, I'll bet you found the post on the 16ga forum about using #9 shot. It's doable, you have to bump up your velocity a bit, that helps maintain more kinetic energy longer.

    Good work on loading up some NiceShot. For the amount of actual shots taken, non-tox is not too bad. I still don't have much love for steel...
  8. Has anyone found any good deals on non-toxic shells in #6.
    I don't mind shooting pheasants with #4 steel, but what a mess on quail.
    I'm not planning on hunting the release sites, but ya never know when ya might want to stop for a short hunt, I would hate to pass up quail just cause my shot is to heavy.
  9. Ha, Gary, I always had that problem last year, see lots of quail any time I have too big of shot. Once while I was pheasant hunting, after bumping 5 or so small groups of quail and no pheasant I switched away from 4s back to 7 1/2 shot, only to immediately flush a rooster which got away in spite of a good hit with too small of shot. And I can't even count how many other times quail got away because I wasn't willing to shoot with the shot I had in the gun.
  10. Gary,

    I have a case of of 3" hevi steel #6 that was the result of a botched online order, their error, couldn't be returned so I got 50% off the case. I've only used two boxes or so out the 10 in three years. So next time we chase some birds I'll bring ya a few...
  11. Troutrageous, I have had the same thing happen many times myself. Pretty frustrating! I generally just run steel #3's for pheasant and duck while hunting, and have a handful of steel #7 for the quail if I get into them thick. Seems to work ok. Would like to get some Hevi shot to try out this year. Seems like its good stuff!
  12. Right on Andrew.
    What ya doin for the eastern pheasant opener?
    I'm going to take the 24th and 25th off from work and camp @ Banks lake.
    A "blast and cast"
    Gonna hit the hi-way strip in the AM for some quail.
  13. One of the reasons to hunt with a SxS or O/U. Different shot size in each barrel.
  14. perfect decoying duck load.
  15. Yep...exactly where I used the first two boxes. My problem now is that I have a lifetime and then some of duck loads...I inherited a SBE and two cases or more of 3.5 #1 (aka 'shoulder busters').
  16. I used to jump shoot a lot of ducks in Southern Oregon along the little creeks that flowed through the farm lands (all freaking housing developed now) #6 was my go to shot.
    I wouldn't ever shoot at quail in those days, not enough meat for a poor school kid to afford shot.
    Ahhhh the good ole days
  17. If you go to www.griffinhowe.com and go to their "closeouts" section, they still have Bismuth 16ga shells in #5 and #6 shot for $45 per box of 25. This does not include shipping. If you buy 10 boxes, the price drops to $40 per box. This is an okay deal for not tox....

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