Quanitity over quality

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by wadin' boot, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Triploid Junkie's great post in re quality over quantity might almost be the flip side to this report. TJ had sun, warmth and could spy fish of good size in the great blue sky present east of the cascades. My boy Jack and I had fog, gloom, occasional ripples and a mild algal bloom at a popular urban lake the same name as the algal color. The good news about this lake is it was just stocked with rainbows, and we think browns, because never have I caught brown trout in such numbers as we have in the last week. Suffice it to say they are small , a two weight would be overkill, and they hit anything tiny, light brown with a smidge of 'boo and a little sparkle. They are numerous and are schooling like stockers do in the first week.

    Fascinating too is schools and schools of bass, again, small, though bashing anything that is white and flashy. I doubt these are stockers becuase the WDFW website doesn't suggest they are stocking bass at this lake, though the bass are sure behaving that way. The bass, perhaps predictably, stuck with more structure and hung at lake edge far more than the browns.

    The same flies do not appear to catch the different species...

    Anyway Jack and I were there twilight, he cast out and pulled in juicy 17 inch rainbow, a hatchery mutt with a convex tail, I didn't realize he had it on until he started laughing. We were fishing with spin rods, the flies tied on 2 foot of leader with a sinker and swivel ending the main line. I'll pre-emptively mention there's no room for easy backcasts at this spot, and that the spin rods are required parts of my kids fishing education. Jack is special needs and frankly whatever makes him happy makes me happy. So there is my quality, time spent with the boy catching fish, albeit small, and experimenting on what works and what doesn't, practicing motor skills on a spin rod, lobbing casts to small riseforms.
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    I enjoyed reading your post just as much as I did Triploid Junkies flip side post. Thank you and glad you were able to take your son fishing.

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    Great report, Boot! Awesomeness right there. I love the laugh of pure glee when a child catches a fish!
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    Wading Boot- Nice report and great to hear about your fishing experience with your son! Very cool that you are taking the time to teach him to fish, and being creative with the way you are approaching the challenges. Good for you!
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    Good stuff right there :)
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    great report and pix to match. especially like that last picture! thanks for taking the time to post this!
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    Sometimes we all need a reminder of what fishing is really all about..
    Thanks "Boot, for the reminder!
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