Queets Road above Hartzell Closed?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Trapper Peak, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. I wasn't advocating that anyone other than the Park Service remove those logs, just hoping the next guys with a drift boat that show up at Hartzell at 5:00 am knew what to expect.

    Considering the size of some of the trees out there though, the ones that were down were just young'uns.
  2. any new intel?
  3. I understand that it's illegal to cut trees in the park, but because of the time lag for NPS to cut out trees over the road, I don't think they've cited any fishermen or campers for cutting trees that are blocking the road. I talked a with a ranger a few weeks ago, and he said one reason it takes so long for NPS to cut a tree is because of the NPS policy that requires a minimum of two personnel present wherever a chainsaw is used. Chainsaws are defined as hazardous tools, therefore the policy. And sometimes it takes days to schedule two park personnel to go out to outlying areas like the Queets. A camper without a chainsaw could be stuck for days waiting for NPS to re-open a road blocked by a fallen tree.

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  4. Salmo,

    I think that it completely depends on the ranger. There are a few that are much more rules oriented than others. At least that is what I have been told.
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  5. Id say so. I spent 3 hours getting rained on in the dark because of one of those d bags and walked away with a ticket for not having a bear proof cooler.... In early February. The cops that dude man called in as "backup" pulled me and my buddy aside and told us point blank that that guy was the laughing stock of the sheriffs office for the stunts he pulls in the field. He apologized and basically said those guys can do whatever they want in the park. You can spend a night in jail for stepping on a wild flower if guy is in a bad mood. Other than that one long pointless ordeal every encounter with rangers on the queets was positive. I would never cut anything unless my life depended on it or if a ranger told me directly it was legit.
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