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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by rockfish, Dec 1, 2001.

  1. i busted the hard plastic material for the outside framing of the basket. its a long piece of material that goes all the way out and keeps it the shape of a basket. i busted it in the middle so its looks like i got a hard on. i checked a local fly shop he said go to the fabric store and could not find that synthetic material. has anybody ever done this before out there in internet world and what can you use to make it right. looks embarrassing to wear, later Ben
  3. Ben,

    Hard to get a picture of what you have for a stripping basket from your description. Is it one of the collapsable mesh types?

    I've been using the Orvis stripping basket for the past 3 years with absolutely no problem. Granted, they're $40+ bucks. Many folks fabricate their own from Rubbermaid containers and I've even seen some who use baskets from their local grocery stores. Word to the wise: you don't need drain holes as they only compromise distance casts.

    If you can give me a make/model of what you use, I'll try to do some research and see if I can come up with a fix for it.

  4. GREG

    its made by cortland its a collapsable mesh types. its all mesh except for the top where a synthetic hard material slides thru where the buckle is and goes all the way around to the other buckle makin the framing of the basket. it broke in the middle. I bought it last winter because i was tired of my line being 20ft down the beach when i started to make my cast. its the 30$ one thats all mesh with the 2 mesh pockets in front. pretty simple but effective. thanks Ben
  5. Ben - if I'm picturing this right it sounds like a couple of small hose clamps might work - over lap the broken ends an inch or two. Good luck, bart
  6. And here I thought this was a flyfishing forum and not a sex therapy group.

    Okay, let's see if I got this right. You like strippers and have a permanent stiffy problem combined with an abnormal fixation for stores selling dress making supplies, right? Here's what you do:

    Don your pleasure device and head for a dress making store in a seedy part of town. Be sure to wear a long rain coat or something so as not to shock any children. When you enter the store tell them you want to go head to head with the resident pro. After the obligatory small talk she will probably take your problem in hand and quickly relieve you of your frustrations. See how easy this is? Oh, and be sure to tip well; my mom is suffering a serious financial setback brought on about the time Mr. Gates got married.}>

    Steve the sleeze
  7. that's hilarious :p
  8. Ben,

    My first thought was something along the lines of PVC screwed in(Stumpfisher's colorful analysis notwithstanding :))to form a splint.

    Bart may have hit on the solution for you, however. Only problem I see with the hose clamps is they may rust in short order...maybe a coat of urethane or something to extend the life?

    You're mind's in the gutter, Stumpfisher...but I enjoyed it! :)

  9. What?

    You would be surprised what these old spinsters can do with a hot glue gun. Hot, hot, hot.

    Oh, and that's wasn't my mind, it was my mother.}>

    Steve the sleeze
  10. thanks for all the feedback i guess i should just buy another one. i dont think it can be spliced or glued to much stress on the bend. thanks alot thou Ben
  11. Ben,

    Spend the $$ and save the aggravation; go with the Orvis basket. A portion of the money goes to the Coastal Conservation Association and gets you a year's membership free to boot.

  12. Greg

    yeah i think i might just get that one, is it pretty comfortable, durable. I'll call northwest anglers when I get paid.

  13. Comfortable? As much as anything strapped around your waist.
    Durable? When you get pooped out, you can sit on it on the beach.

    You've used mesh in the past. This one has no holes. In my opinion, you don't want water in your stripping basket as it will produce drag on long casts. Cones in the bottom separate line nicely and line rarely, if ever, gets tangled. Current model has "grooves" in the top where you can lay your rod while changing flies; really nice when you're waist deep in water and need that "3rd hand."

    Just my opinion, but its the best I've found. Others may have differing opinions but I doubt there'll be many.

    FYI: caught 2 Chum at Minter Creek last Monday. Males, approx 17lb each. Beach fishing for Coho is going OK for this time of year; try a shrimp pattern near the surface. Caught 4 this morning near the Espresso Shop in Purdy.

  14. Greg

    I'm definately going to get that basket, sounds like its time to venture to the spit tomorrow. going to get that intermediate clear line by orvis for my 5wt just for that kind of fishing. went to minter creek for 1hr and got some eggs for the brats, before dark, plenty of fish in there. if you see somebody with a broken basket says hi. Ben
  15. Ben,

    When you said "Clear Line from Orvis" for your 5wt, were you talking a full line or the 38ft shooting head? If you're talking the full line, Sci-Anglers Cold Water Striper Line might be a better choice; less memory in cold water compared to the Orvis product.

  16. Greg,

    It is interesting to see conversation about the Orvis stripping basket. I bought a mesh one at Creekside, and have been frustrated with tangles when using my RIO Striper line (coldwater shooting head). I was curious if the Orvis worked better.

    I am also impressed to see you caught a couple 17 pound CHUMS. I fished the Canal this fall a few times, had some good takes (verses snags), but never was able to actually land any. First timer for Chums ....was suprised to see very little feeding, and almost all snagging. It would have been nice to see someone land one with a hook in its mouth! Do they have soft mouths, or are they just very powerful, and pull free alot? I'm getting onto a different subject here, but you sound like someone who has had a lot of saltwater success.

  17. Just very powerful.
  18. MontanaFlyGuy,

    Check your "inbox" on this site.

  19. Greg

    So that one would be a better choice, thank god i read this i was gonna buy it tomorrow. is the shooting head a better way to go than a full line. maybe to complex for me yet. is the scientific anglers slime coated. went to the spit and you could have went surfin. but caught a mint bright 7lb hen at minter creek. bright in december crazy. Thanks for the advise on the line. oh yeah where can you get that basket by orvis did you have to go to tacoma or seattle for it cause i cant find it on the west side. later Ben
  20. Greg,

    They dont have that line in 5wt just 7 and up but sounds killer. What would be my best bet for a clear intermiate line even if its a spliced shooting head, bay st outfitters will set me up with it. thanks Ben

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