Question - Canoe Dolly for Rough Terrain

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Greg Price, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Greg Price Love da little fishies

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    I was wondering if anyone has had luck with a canoe dolly or cart to handle rough terrain.

    If you made your own and it works well it would be great if you could send details and pics.

    My thought was to take my 16 foot aluminum canoe to Lenice. It is an old, heavy beast. I think it weighs approx 100 lbs and my be up to 18 feet long. Kind of like the old grueman canoes that were at summer camps in the 1970's

    I was hoping to get my 12 year old son on the lake without having to resort to the float tubes.

    By the way, fishing was good in the lake last Saturday. I hooked 3, landed two and had numerous bites from 6:30 PM to approx 1 hour after dark.

    All were hooked on an olive bead head bugger slow trolled off an intermediate line with fast sink head attached.
  2. fixj Member

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    I am just finishing one this week. I will post details as soon as I finish. It has two 12" spoke wheels, solid rubber tires, aluminum frame and is designed to allow the canoe to rotate from upside down to right side up. It will collapse and stow in the canoe.
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  3. fixj Member

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    I got the idea for mine from an accessory that Nucanoe can see it on their web site... under transportation.....I have a 1" PVC tube mounted on the stern plate that will receive an aluminum tube that connects the wheels to the canoe....easy on /easy off....
  4. Woodcanoeguy Member

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    Canoe carts can work great.........I have sold several brands when I had my canoe shop. The best is made in Canada and pretty expensive but very rugged. I actually sold it for twice the $$ when I came off the portage trail from Murtle Lake one summer...the guy was begging me to sell it to him as his had broken on the same trail. Bigger the tire and wider the tires the is a link:

    I have a few new Swedish Style ones around. PM me if you are interested.
  5. martyg Active Member

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    I have a 33 pound canoe FS with portage yoke.
  6. bigdood fishing hack

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    What about a Wheeleez cart? I use the small one for a fully rigged kayak that is pushing 100 lbs, weight limit on the bigger one is 175 lbs, and the Wheeleez wheels float over sand, obstacles, etc. better than the hard wheels carts I own.

  7. Greg Price Love da little fishies

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    THanks all for your input. I might try taking my son to Rattlesnake lake to test out the float tubes. He has a pair of waders and I have had an extra float tube/fins. If he likes float tubing, then we will not need the cart for the canoe.