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    Have you ever done well, or even done anything, when the water is out of shape? Personally, I never have, nor have I ever seen anyone else catch anything. But then I get discouraged in mud (I am no catfisherman) so I don't really try that hard. I'm wondering, though, if I am missing something here. I read somewhere to go ahead and fish. But I've never seen any reason to do so. In short, moody river,muddy water, and I fold my tent. What about you? :DUNNO
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    I recall Dennis Dickerson had a high water strategy write up at his site...I'm on my screamin' Island connection or I'd hunt down the link for you.

    Before I head out I will get the river levels from the web...and bag it if they are too high - but that assumes high = mud - which it may not. Then I hit the salt for other than steelhead since you gotta fish when you can..a nice estuary or beach for cuts etc.

    another trick is to know when a particular river or section is known for early de-muddying - so maybe you change places and still get to fish.

    this is my 1/2 cents - I am quite new the the steelhead scene and muddy water is not my thing.

    the other 1 1/2 cents is to hit the hotel for a warm bath and a nice single malt and cigar.

    Jim W
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    Do you mean only fly guys Bob?

    Was reading your post, and you said anybody? Well, for fly fishing, it's possible, and have landed a very select few on high water. But usually when the water is high and muddy, I pull out my plunking gear and bait. I've had tons of luck using my conventional gear. But you have to fish in the soft seams, stay out of the channel which is normally running hard and fast. I use super huge gawdy flies in super bright color. But as I said, that's only occasionally. Normally it's when I planned to flyfish (before internet graph days) and only brought fly gear. I rarely just pack up and go home. I hit a slot for at least a couple hours.

    Say it this way. Last year I caught a 22# hatchery buck on the OP when the river was about to crest. Super muddy and I was only one fishing (besides my girlfriend and my 2 kids). Landed 4 fish that day. Not bad for a day when everyone went home.
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    Do you mean only fly guys Bob?

    When you say "gaudy" and "super bright," can you give examples of color and flies? Are you talking about orange or chartreuse and very well tinseled? And might might it be as much a matter of contrasting certain colors? I've been too sick with the crud to hit the water, so I've been dinking with the vise. I'm in the info collection mode, like bad. If I also don't get any work by the time I heal up, I want to be well armed.
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    I guess its all in your defenition of out of shape 69's experience is not unique The way I look at there are three ways to look at the river 1 the waters high but tainted fish the depresions with heavy heads and dark flies 2 the waters high abd colored for me that means trhe waters warmer and I use a ligher tip and bright flie and fish the dips and edges of the rivers edge figuiring the fish dont want to be out in that muck any more than I would.3 the waters in the willows for sure now is the time to eat your lunch in the jeep at 8 am. take a nap explore roads for access to new spots cause and then go home for two reasons 1 to step into that is surely suicide 2 there's no
    sense going home to do those off day chores to early :THUMBSUP

    have fun out there J.
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    No matter how high the river is, the fish will still be there. They just move out of the fast current into slack water. If there's a long gravel bar, they'll be close to shore in 2-3 feet of water, just where the current slacks off. If there's an eddy or slack water (often just upstream of the usual holding water), they will often stack up there. In this case you may want to fish with a floating line. I've used a black marabou fly under these conditions with good success.

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    I have had some success fishing high dirty water with large profile flies fished close to the surface in soft water. My fly of choice for doing this is the Black Practicioner 2/0. I have taken few fish using this method--just enough to convince me that it might be more than luck.

    For when sleeping I dream of big fish and strong fights.

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    I've tied my best flies when the water is out of shape. :BIGSMILE
    Why? Because I know I can't fish so there's no hurry.