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  1. I usually run Jigs under a slip rig. Normal setup for me anyways is hydrofloat mainline attached to barrel swivel, about 10 feet of fluro 12#, slip bobber on the 12# over a inline weight to another barrel swivel with 18-24" of 10# fluro following to the jig. The barrel swivel attached to the mainline really helps with line twist.

    Personally, I think it can be just as fun as swinging. No drag on the reel definitely makes it fun and interesting, especially when you have a lot of line out.
  2. Personally one of the things I like most about this forum is the wide variety of expertise you will find. I enjoy the fact that I don't have to be a member at forty seven different forums just in case I want to know some about something that isn't fly fishing related.

    And a douchebag is a douchebag, no matter what kind of rod he fishes.
  3. To me, the only real douchebag in these situations is the one who thinks his preferred method of jamming a steel wire in a fish's mouth is morally superior to what someone else decides to do.
  4. Also, I am not trying to promote any product or anything but go with the hydrofloat main line or something similar. It is not perfect but it doesn't stretch much, is less prone to twist and won't sink after a few hours of use unlike floating monos.
    When I first started I had a big problem with the mono sinking and creating drag on the presentation with the mono after a few hours on the water. They say you can use Gink or other line floatant easily enough, but id rather be fishing than applying it to 100 yards of line.
  5. You don't find braid tangles to be an issue? Braid on a baitcaster often sucks because it compacts in under itself and backlashes much worse than a higher diameter mono. I can only see it being worse on a centerpin.
  6. I don't know much about the gear sites out there. It's nice to be able to ask here about other types of steelhead fishing and get a flyfisherman's perspective on them.

    The Gorge Fly Shop has pin gear, but absolutely nothing else in the gear category. Last time I was in there they directed a customer to Walmart or Dinty's for spinners. The shop showed me some center pin reels with a kind of reverence. I was supposed to be impressed by how easily the reel spun. I was more impressed by how much the reels cost. I guess you have to pay for those near 0 friction bearings. But I couldn't figure out why a center pin set up is so much better for float fishing than a spinning reel set up.

  7. Oh yes, Braid does suck on a baitcaster. So so so so so much. Now that I think about it, I have yet to get messed up on the CP setup with the hydro. I think it is because the high vis coating they put on the core. It is definitely not as flexible as braid.
  8. Good God did I ever learn that lesson this summer. Hadn't done any gear fishing for years and years so as I outfitted myself for gear fishing out of my boat I initially spooled my reels with braid because I didn't know what the hell I was doing. Ya, second trip to Sekiu I had to cut all the braid off of both reels piece by piece and then respool with mono. What a pain in the ass that was.

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  9. A douchebag with a CP has mayhem potential equalled only by a DB with a jet sled. As a tool in the hands of a DB, the CP setup can be a devastating force. I trust you are not a DB, however I don't trust that everyone isn't a DB.

    I've learned a lot from the 1 other BB I post on. You don't need to join a bunch.

    I actually like this board because it is a flyfishing site. It gives a perspective as such that an all gear site does not. I have found that when I post a flyfishing perspective on the gear board I frequent, that there is a lot of poor feedback, especially regarding steelheading. In many ways WFF has been a refuge from that. It seems to be changing though.

    Go Sox,
  10. If someone wants to fish on top of me or run their gear thru "my" water, that's fine. Doesn't matter what gear they choose. It'll last no more than 2 casts as I can foul anyone's drift with a misplaced cast or two. It's a lot easier to work around where someone else is fishing than it is to work thru it.
  11. You can run just as long a drift running floats on a spinning or baitcasting rod. I really don't think the dynamic of angler interaction is going to be altered because centerpinning might get popular.
  12. So who decides what non fly fishing stuff is allowable?

    Is talking sports, especially about a team about as far away from Washington as possible, an acceptable topic of conversation on a fly fishing forum? Just trying to see where the line is drawn.

    I like this forum for many reasons, one of the biggest being that it doesn't feel like an internet forum, but more a community. As Ed often compares, its more like sitting around a campfire than anything.

    Hell, for that matter this is WASHINGTON fly fishing, so I guess posts about fishing the Clearwater fall into the same category as ones about pinning.

    There is a huge array of non fly fishing topics here. People only seem to get their panties in a bunch when the off topic turns to certain types of fishing that ruffles someones feathers.

    I'd like to think I'm not a DB, but if I am I wont lose much sleep over it.

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  13. Surprised you've had so many issues using braid on a baitbaster. I use it on all my baitcasters when float fishing and haven't had any problem.
    Freezing weather is the only time I've found it sucks.
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  14. Brian, is there any technique to using it, or a specific brand that works better for you? I had nothing but problems using braid on baitcasters this summer but its been so long since I did any gear fishing that I'm out of the loop. It was so bad I about swore off the stuff... which sucks cause I'd like to be able to use it.

  15. I consider myself pretty good with a baitcaster, and I find braid to be a giant ass pain. Who knows, maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I just can't figure out how to make it not get stuck on itself... and when it does backlash, it's armageddon.
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  16. 30# PowerPro on my baitcasters for most float fishing. It's a bit tougher to cast than mono but not much. Once you get it down it's no different.

    As for what goes here? These subforums seem a good place to stray into the gray. If the mods don't like certain topics they can do whatever it is that they find appropriate. But, I will never suggest the mods shut down certain topics as others feel the need to suggest. If a person doesn't like the direction a thread is going they should shut it off. Not whine about shutting it down.
  17. Nick,
    Are you fishing it in the salt and off of downriggers. If so, I can't help you there.
    I use 40 lb Power Pro on my Curados & Vientos for river fishing, but have used up to 65 lb in the past on larger Abu's king fishing. The heavier the braid the better in my opinion.
    You'll get some tip wraps while mending but nothing to bad. Just don't set the hook with a wrapped tip. :D If you do you're likely looking at shipping a rod for repair. I also put some mono backing then attach the braid via a double uni knot. That insures the braid won't slip on the spool and can be loaded on tight.
    Power Pro has a newer Slick 8 product out now that I've heard good things about, but I've never used it on a baicaster.
    I just never liked fishing braid off a spinning reel for float fishing, though I know lots of folks that do.
    Hope this helps.
  18. Make sure it's wound on under some sort of tension and there shouldn't be any problems. Reeling it back in with tip pointed at water works for me. I've found it about the same as mono for casting with levelwind. I wouldn't twitch jigs with it as you're constantly throwing slack into the line after lifting your rod tip. Mono works better for that as it doesn't tip wrap as easy.
  19. Brian, yes I've been using in the salt and some with downriggers, sometimes not. I am not sure how much differece that would make, as its not really the fishing itself that has caused my problems, but rather as Evan mentioned the line getting under itself in the reel and causing horrible backlashes. I like the idea of using a base of mono... Perhaps that would help fix my problem, as maybe the line slipping and moving on the spool makes things worse. I don't know. I can see how the bigger the better, as the finer the braid the more prevelant the problem was.

    I fished with a guy this summer who had braid on his Avet reels and there was zero issue. I'm not sure if they would operate any differently than a standard baitcaster, as they seem similar.

    Anyway, interesting info either way. It's fun learning about all the gear stuff that has changed since I gear fished as a teenager.


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