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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Thomas Mitchell, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. count
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  2. day!
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  3. bored at work eh?
  4. Here's one of many that fell victim to my pin during the fall season. Hopefully this photo offends someone.
  5. barbaric!
  6. Everytime Evan lands of fish on his pin a unicorn dies. I hope you're happy!
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  7. At this rate, they may become extinct any moment now.
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  8. i remember getting a ration of shit for bobber fishing with gear for steelhead by a well known peninsula guide back in 1995. i wish i hadn't quit bobber fishing and sold my centerpin outfit now that it is uber kool ;)
  9. missed your chance to be a hipster!
  10. i'm cursed... no matter how many vinyl records i have or how many cups of teavana tea i drink.
  11. All in a days work chasing coastal chrome. I prefer to catch every steelhead on a swung fly but then again I just really love fishing of all varieties when I get the chance. It's fun.

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  12. Ooooo, I want to play Sean, even though I prefer to catch my fish under an indicator, I guess I would be willing to stoop so low as to boringly swing for one some day.
  13. just curious, but what does the swivel off the hook on the 50/50 spoons do?
  14. i just got my center pin yesterday suppah pumped
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  15. If the net was a wood framed one I'd be impressed, other than that its a cool photo
  16. Thinking its clueless fly fishermen running to fine of braided lines. You jokers need to look at the line diameter match that to the diameter of the mono you think you need & run that. Good start is to bump up to the 30-50 lb. test stuff.

  17. To keep the fished pinned, without the swivel the 'gator roll' from coho will rip the hook out of their mouths. It also places the hook a little farther off the spoon for a better hook up ratio. IMO.
  18. I thought the beauty of braid is that it is significantly smaller diameter for a given pound test, i.e., 30# braid = same diameter as 10# mono. If you bump up the braid size to 50#, why not just use mono, presuming one doesn't need 40 or 50# test for basic freshwater salmon and steelhead fishing?
  19. Braid also mends super tits, and is much easier to see than mono.
  20. I use braid for all my gear fishing. I think I have 30 lb spooled. It's so thin that I gotta believe that it's thinner even at 50lb. There are a few issues with it. Knots are tougher to tie. You need a knife with you (learned that one today), and the rats nests.....oh the rats nests.

    Go Sox,

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