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  1. I wish you could be awarded some points for saying the phrase: "Braid also mends super tits."

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  2. I pin because super tits.
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  3. As mentioned, braid is great for mending.
    I uses mainly use 40 lb on my baitcasters, which is equivalent diameter to 10 lb mono. I generally use 8-12 lb leaders, so you always break the leader and never lose your float if you snag up.
    Learn how to tie a palomar and double Uni knots and you should be pretty well covered for fishing braid.
    As far as backlashes go, still not sure why folks are having so many issues using braid on their baitcasters?
  4. Bad timing on their double haul :cool:
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  5. Maybe I was too busy dreaming of super tits when I spooled it up and did something wrong.
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  6. Immediate hooksets, better feel of lure action or the river bottom, and the ability to run a short mono leader lighter than the braid to avoid loosing any of the braid mainline when snagging rocks and logs; I've left very little braid in the rivers over the last few years.I also find that braid over 40lbs is less susceptible to line twist than mono less than 20 lbs.

    The smaller diameter can be an advantage when a belly in the line is undesirable (ie. swinging spoons or trolling), but thin braid tangles are a biatch, so I stick to 30lb braid for float fishing and 40-65lb for casting. I have 50-lb on my pin rod but have yet to fish it.

    As for backlash, it usually occurs when I snag something (rod, bush, boat, cooler, friends) on the backswing of a cast, or when I change to a different weight lure but forget to adjust the spool drag and bearing tension on a casting reel.
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  7. Pwned

  8. Any favorite brands of braid for casting reels? I'm gonna switch one of my float rods to braid and would prefer a stiffer line. TufLine Supercast is supposed to handle more like mono, but one of the reviews I read says that it sinks, which I don't want for a float rod.
  9. 30# power pro has treated me well on the bait casters. I spooled up a few saltwater bottomfish reels with Suffix braid and have liked it a lot. I have been trying 20# Suffix on my pin rig this fall and so far it's been ok but it's already showing signs of fatigue (quick discoloration and limpness) so I'm not sure if it has to do with the quality of the line or the lighter test I'm using. Might try some heavier Suffix to help with the stiffness as I agree a stiffer line is better in float fishing applications.
  10. Put 50lb Suffix on my pin last week and have taken it out a few times. Definitely handles better on the drift than mono. By quite a bit. But mono is so, so much better for casting. I'd ideally like to have a spool of each.
  11. I bought 30lb PowerPro. If Bill Herzog has switched to the braid bandwagon, then I'll give it a shot. I woulda got Maxima if Cabela's carried their braid, just because Maxima makes good shit.
  12. I have found 30lb powerpro to be very durable and relatively tangle-free on spinning reels, but it's ability to chop off a finger makes me think it's a bad idea for a centerpin. Evan and I are testing Suffix 832 braid which is smoother than PP and is less likely to cut into skin, plus it has less resistance on line guides and doesn't feel as rough when fighting fish. Durability is good so far.
  13. I have super slick 40lb on a spinning reel and it is pretty smooth, but it is very limp and the diameter seems pretty large for braid. It is a little prone to fraying because of the loose weave. Works well enough for spinning and a larger diameter (65 or 80lb) would make good fly backing on a setup meant for tuna, etc.
  14. Had the 'pin rig out for the first serious effort this weekend. It was very fun but in a different way than fly fishing. I fished a bunch of water that would have been unswingable in the current low flows. Given what I was able to do as a complete beginner, I can see where a good 'pinner could just dissect a run.

    I went 1-3 on the 'pin rig and 0-0 (with one nice tug) on the spey rod although I did spend more time with the 'pin. Not many fish being caught on the Forks rivers. According to the creel checker, it was usually "one or none" from most boats including the gear guys. We didn't see another steelhead landed despite a fair number of boats.

    I'll keep using the centerpin gear for certain rivers in certain conditions but more as a 'gap filler' and 'trip saver' than a primary fishing method.

    Hatchery buck = tonight's dinner...
  15. You just started pinning and you got a Kingpin? Color me jealous.

  16. I got a used rig, rod and reel at a very attractive price from a fellow who used it once and decided pinning wasn't for him. I wasn't really planning on centerpinning at the time but the deal was good enough to make me start since I knew I could get 95% of my money back on the gear.

    Plus, I know Stuart from KingPin from when I met him on his trip to the NW. I have one of his spey reels so I was confident in the quality.
  17. Purdy reel but the handles on the wrong side!
  18. Well, if you decide pinning isn't for you, I call dibs on your Kingpin :)
  19. I got a few pinning today for the first time. Don't tell the Spey clave people though they think I'm an unethical hack already.

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