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  1. Troutman101,

    Could you tell me about the ponds you were talking about in the redmond post, I life in that area.Thanks :THUMBSUP

  2. This is called opening a can of worms...

    Off Hwy 522 next to 40 acres and accross from the sod farm is Molbak's greenhouses. They have a pond that they use for irrigation right next to the road. It is surrounded by trees on one side and a big greenhouse on the other. Stop by on a Saturday or Sunday evening and go to one of the caretaker's house and ask if you can fish their pond. I am not sure if they will say yes but if they do, you will certainly catch fish. I remember trucking 20" cutts from their upper pond to their lower pond. This was only 8 years ago.

    Good Luck!!!
  3. Thanks,

    Yeah today I found out that my dad does business with molbak's ,that
    well help me get permission.20inch cutt thats one big cutt
    :BIGSMILE,Well lets hope their still there. It would be perfect to kick around in my float tube and for a begginer like me!

    I'll tell you how I did when I go!!!

  4. That's great. I just wish there were folks to give me secret fishing spots when I was younger. I had to resort to a few lakes with perch and bass. Trout fishing was reserved for the weekends when my mom would drive me out to the rivers.

    Thanks mom!

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