NFR Question on Loop Evotec

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Bagman, Oct 5, 2012.

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    I just picked up a Loop Evotec reel it is a 8/10 that I hope to use on my 8wt as well as my 10wt rods. I bought a spare spool off eBay and it is not even close to the same spool. Do any of you guys/gals know about these reels? Or need a spool for a Loop Evotec? My reel has what looks like a MBZ star in the center. The spare has just a open hole no spokes at all.
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    Several months ago, I picked up a Loop Evotec G4 5/7 and was also disappointed at the availability of spare spools for that model. I forget exactly how I stumbled across them, but I found a shop in Idaho called Northwest Classic Tackle ( that sells Loop products. I spoke with Bud on the phone and he mentioned that some of the older reel models (the ones on sale now) will actually accommodate spools from their newer models. He assured me that except for the color (my reel is silver, the spare spool is black) he could find me a perfect match. He gave me a decent price on the spool and, sure enough, it fit perfectly and the reel fishes fantastic. I'd encourage you to give them a buzz, as they're obviously experts when it comes to the Loop product line. Good luck!
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    Thanks. I just bought a spool from Bud.
    Seems that the spare spool I have is for a Danielsson reel if anyone is interested in it.